You Can Get Peeps-Themed Nails Thanks to Sally Hansen

Two people have yellow and multi-colored manicures, and seven brightly hued nail polishes sit on top of Peeps.

You might not like the taste of Peeps, but it’s hard to deny that their bunny shape and bold color are synonymous with spring. Now, you can work those springtime signifiers into your manicure.

Sally Hansen and Peeps teamed up to launch a line of nail polishes themed after the marshmallow candy, and they’re available now at CVS.

The collection features Sally Hansen’s iconic Insta-Dri polish, which, if you couldn’t tell from the name, is a quick-drying formula (done in just 60 seconds) designed to make painting your nails a bit quicker and prevent those not-quite-dry-enough smudges. The polish doesn’t just dry fast, though. It’s also a three-in-one formula that combines base coat, polish, and topcoat.

As for the shades, the polishes are themed around Peeps’ iconic marshmallow colors, and if you love a bold manicure, they’ll be perfect for your spring looks. You can snag:

  • PEEPS Yellow: a bright sunshine shade
  • PEEPS Pink: a neon, hot pink
  • PEEPS Lavender: a mauve-hued purple
  • PEEPS Blue: a bold, royal blue
  • PEEPS Fruit Punch: a coral, punchy red
  • PEEPS Sparkly Wild Berry: a clear polish with flecks of pastel sparkles
  • PEEPS White: a classic cream hue

Each polish retails for $5.99, and there are multiple pre-made kits you can opt to purchase if you want to mix and match for a custom mani.

“We are thrilled to partner with such an iconic and beloved brand,” said Celia Tombalakian, vice president of global marketing for Sally Hansen. “Timed to coincide with spring celebrations associated with sweets and candy colors, such as Easter, this collection is perfect for Easter baskets and holiday gift-giving.”

If you’ve got an Easter basket to pack for a beauty lover, Sally Hansen x Peeps is the perfect option.

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