You Can Buy Sunglasses Made With NASA-Certified Tech For Less Than £55


Usually when buying sunglasses you can splash some serious money on a pair that look ace on your face but do your actual eyeballs zero favours.

Their price tags focus more on style than substance – often overlooking crucial retina protecting bits of technology that leave you better placed in the long run.

Those sunbeams you see, can be nasty things. Scorching your eyeballs and damaging sight. It’s an issue that only gets worse when you step into space (who’d have thought it), something not unnoticed by boffins at NASA.

After stats revealed that over three dozen astronauts developed cataracts in later life due to exposure to high-energy light and radiation, NASA scientists in the 1980s began to look for a solution.

The result was the creation of a special light absorbing filter material similar to the coating found on the eyes of birds of prey, making it perfect for the creation of sunglasses.

Ten years later and that material was finally commercialised in the form of Eagle Eyes Optics.

The company now produces some of the most high-tech sunglasses in the world for a smidgen of most other high-end brands, specs that are not only ace for your beach holiday but ideal for the long weekend in Mars you’ve no doubt been planning.

Prices start around the $40 mark, and reach $79.95 – approximately £52.

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