Will Wearing Light Colors Deter Bees and Wasps?

A wasp sits on a wooden surface.

It’s summer, and you might be spending more time outdoors. While you’re soaking up the vitamin D, though, you will have to watch out for those pesky bees and wasps. Among your efforts to keep them at bay, could your clothes help?

While not scientifically studied, some pest control services believe that darker colors can help repel bees and wasps. 

Okay, well, repel is a strong word, but wearing darker colors could make you less attractive to the pests. According to Rest Easy Pest Control, pale, matte colors can make you less appealing to bees and wasps. The creatures use their sense of color to identify flowers, so if you’re wearing bright shades like greens, yellows, and pinks, you might be more attractive to them. The service recommends wearing white instead. Your clothing won’t be a beacon that way, and they posit that it’s the reason bee keeper’s suits are white.

If you shouldn’t wear bright colors, can you opt for dark hues instead? Yes and no. Dark shades like blue and black aren’t attractive to wasps as they remind them of predators. In this case, yes, they’re likely to stay away, but they could be more on edge and a bit more likely to sting if provoked in even a small way.

While there might not be any true, scientific evidence that certain clothing can repel wasps and bees, donning a white t-shirt this summer isn’t going to hurt anything. You know, just in case.

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