Why You Should Wear Gloves to Bed this Winter

soft pink gloves on an aqua background with two cotton balls resting nearby.

Dry, itchy hands are one of the biggest downsides to winter. Although you might feel like you’re constantly applying lotion, you can’t seem to stop your skin from being wrinkly and dry.

When you snuggle into bed for the night, wear gloves to help hydrate your dry hands.

Moisturizing gloves are an excellent invention to help rejuvenate your hands. These gloves help absorb your lotion to keep your skin healthy.

To try this out, simply apply your evening moisturizer and wear your gloves to bed. You’ll want to wear gloves that fit your hands properly and have breathable material. This material prevents your skin from getting hot and sweaty inside the gloves.

You’ll also want to find skin care products to help you beat winter dryness. Effective lotions will hydrate your skin and have plenty of nutrients for a healthy glow. Always wash your hands before applying your moisturizer to eliminate clogged pores.

When using moisturizing gloves, make sure to wash or replace them regularly. After removing the gloves, the oil from the lotion begins to spoil. When you reuse your gloves, your skin is exposed to rancid oil that can age your hands much faster.

In addition to moisturizing gloves, heated gloves and humidifiers are other essential items you should also keep around your house this winter to combat the cold and dryness.

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