The internet gives consumers more power than ever when it comes to calling out offensive slogan clothing.

Outrage on social media has seen countless ‘pro-rape’ men’s T-shirts and ‘sexist’ boys’ clothing banned and pulled from shelves across the world.

But the one thing not causing a stir? Women’s clothing taking a dig at men.

Nasty Gal

Retailers like Nasty Gal, Om Weekend, Forever 21 and Missguided all stock a range of tees with ‘feminist’ messaging.

While some slogans – ‘A woman’s place is everywhere’ and ‘Never underestimate the power of a woman’ – are empowering in a positive way, others are outright sexist or inappropriate.

If you don’t see the big deal, just imagine if a man were wearing these clothes. In fact, men’s clothing bearing similar messages has been banned.

A store selling a T-shirt reading ‘She’s mine and I’m psycho’ would cause an outcry and claims of condoning possessiveness and domestic abuse.

In England and Wales 38% of domestic abuse victims are male. It’s not a joke to wear it just because you’re a woman.

Forever 21

Other messaging simply perpetuates the myth that feminism is synonymous with man-hating.

What seems like a harmless slogan only serves to undermine true feminist principles: that men and woman should be treated equally and given equal rights.

There’s no denying male privilege exists, but tearing men down to build women up is just reductive.

The movement Women Against Feminism claim that feminism has “turned from a rights movement to a sexist, corrupt, hateful organisation”, and this clothing just encourages that view.


So in a world where we still need feminism, where it’s essential gender equality is addressed – our clothing shouldn’t take us a step backwards.


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