Why Altering Your Personal Space Can Rejuvenate Your Spirit

Whenever I’m in a serious rut one of the first things that helps rectify the situation is taking a look around and evaluating the state of my living space. It may not sound like the place to start but a calm environment is usually a key ingredient towards fostering my self growth and refreshing the imagination.

After all, if my surroundings are falling apart it’s only natural that I too could start cracking at the seams.

That’s why a major cleaning or de-cluttering campaign is sometimes not enough; once in a while a more drastic approach is in order. It’s something I like to call spatial rejuvenation.

In essence, spatial rejuvenation is a positive upheaval of personal space in order to rejuvenate the spirit. I’d compare it to that feeling of moving into a new home and the great potential and revitalizing effect which comes with it. The difference here is you’re not really moving but going through the motions, specific stages, in order to achieve a certain level of change:


It all starts with letting go but moving is one thing; pretending to move is another. Nonetheless, try hard to discard all non essentials as if this were a real move purging what you can while you can. The idea of letting go, giving away, and having less definitely releases burdensome baggage but it will also help tremendously when putting everything back together. This is only the first step but an important one to consider.


Of all the belongings in your home furniture rarely gets moved. Sure, maybe the bed is pushed to the side every once in a while to find a lost sock or the computer desk is separated from the wall because of a detached wire but these aren’t actions that shake it all up. When I deconstruct, I deconstruct. From the floor to the ceiling make it all come apart clearing one room at a time so nothing is left before “moving” back in. This is the closest you’ll come to a fresh start so make it as pure as possible.


Since the goal is change when putting it all back together try to find a new place for everything. True, some things will only fit in their original spot but wherever possible make alterations. Also, patience is a virtue. This isn’t something you do often and it could take a few days to complete the cycle of re-enacting a move so don’t worry about finishing on time. Besides, when was the last time you completed a move in twenty four hours?

Be creative

Finally, remember this is supposed to be a creative healing process that spawns change and not a dreaded chore so keep a few things in mind to avoid frustration:

  1. Realize you don’t have to be an expert in home remodeling to make it work but be ambitious and confidant in your decisions.
  2. Before beginning jot down some thoughts of where you think things should go and what you’d like to do so once the ball gets rolling you can roll with it.
  3. In order to really make a change be methodical and strict with yourself but don’t drive yourself mad.

Know one last thought: until I moved a few times I didn’t recognize just how constructive a change of scenery could be, even if it’s the backdrop that’s changing and not the actual domain. Since we can’t move every time we’re in a rut and ruts aren’t planned to coincide with having to move, spatial rejuvenation is the next best thing; so take it in stride and, most of all, use your space wisely.

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