What’s an Everything Shower?

A woman rinses her hair with a showerhead.

Move over, regular showers, because there’s a new trend in town: the everything shower. If you haven’t heard of this yet, then buckle up because it just might transform your self-care routine.

The everything shower has been blowing up on social media lately, and the name perfectly describes what it’s all about. An everything shower is… a shower for everything.

We’ve all had those days where we jump in the shower, lather up quickly, and hop right out. It’s fast, it’s efficient, but it doesn’t always take care of everything. That’s what the everything shower is for.


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The appeal of this trend is that you can make your shower times more efficient and also practice self-care. Keep your quick-rinse showers quick, then once per week, have a shower where you do everything (exfoliate, shave, hair masks, face masks, deep hair condition, the works).

The everything shower is a great time to practice intentional self-care and love on yourself. If you haven’t noticed, life tends to get pretty busy for most of us. It’s super easy for our self-care routines to fly out the window. The everything shower is an easy way to keep self-care in the schedule.

There’s nothing wrong with a quick rinse after the gym or a speedy hair wash if you’re in a rush. But rather than letting months go by without caring for yourself, having a regular everything shower is a simple way to slow down, relax, de-stress, and care for your body.

Make your everything shower unique and personal to you, tending to your body in the way it needs. Be sure you stock up with your favorite hair and skin products that work for your body and routine.

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