Wear Your Duvet with Casper’s New Loungewear Line

A woman wears a sleep mask, a person wears slippers, and another man wears a robe.

If you’ve ever pulled your duvet off the bed, wrapped it around yourself, and walked to the coffee pot because you just didn’t want to be out of bed yet, there’s a new loungewear launch for you.

Mattress brand Casper has launched Snoozwear, and it’s like wrapping yourself in your comforter without messing up your bedding.

The new range features three key products the Blanket Robe, Snoozewear Slippers, and Snoozewear Sleep Mask. All three are available now on the Casper website.

A man and woman wear an oversized robe.

The robe is designed to resemble a quilted, puffy duvet and is oversized to wrap around the body, though it does come in sizes small through large to accommodate different body types. The robe also features long, oversized sleeves and handy pockets for storing your cellphone or tv remote as you lounge.

A pair of slippers sits on a rug, and a person wears a pair under a blanket.

If you want to complete the comfy ensemble, you can also grab the house slippers, a pair of foam-bottomed slides with a microsuede exterior, and a hard sole for durability.

The collection isn’t just for lounging, though. There’s also a sleep mask to help you drift off to bed at night. The mask is made from a soft and stretchy material that won’t create too much pressure over the eye but still blocks out light. Plus, the design goes over the ear to also block out noise.

A woman wears a sleep mask.

If one of your resolutions for the new year was to incorporate more self-care into your routine, Casper’s new Snoozewears might just be the uniform for it.

[Via The Spruce]

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