Wait, Can Caffeine Make You Look Younger?

A bottle of serum sits on top of coffee beans.

When it comes to ways to slow down signs of aging, there are a few key things people know can help. You should wear sunscreen every day, keep your diet as healthy as possible, and stay moisturized. But should you be working caffeine into your skin care routine for an extra anti-aging boost?

As it turns out, caffeine could help prevent signs of aging, but there are a few things to know.

How exactly does caffeine work in your moisturizer or eye cream? Well, when it comes to preventing wrinkles, caffeine is an antioxidant, and as such, it can help to prevent oxidative stress and free radicals. Over time, with a buildup of oxidative stress, the skin can see a breakdown of elastin and collagen leading to signs of aging. Caffeine works as an anti-inflammatory ingredient and helps slow down the aging process.

Caffeine is also cited as a way to help puffy eyes and eye bags. Rachel Nazarian, MD, a dermatologist at Schweiger Dermatology Group, spoke with Byrdie about the ingredient explaining that when used topically it can improve circulation to the skin combating puffiness and making the skin look more awake. The only thing to keep in mind is that, like coffee, the fix is temporary. However, paired with other ingredients like peptides, you could see modest benefits over time.

So should you try caffeine in your skin care? If you’re looking to treat puffiness or dark under the eyes in the mornings, an eye cream with caffeine could help, and if you’re looking to boost your antioxidants to help in preventing wrinkles, definitely grab a moisturizer or serum with caffeine.

If you’ve been looking for a way to look a bit more awake in the mornings or have been seeking a way to deal with wrinkles, adding a caffeine-based skin care product to your routine might be a good call.

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