Ugg Tasman Slipper Alternatives Are On Sale For Amazon Prime’s Big Deal Days

A woman wears a pair of Tasman Uggs, and a pair of DearFoam slippers sit together on a white background

If you’ve been on TikTok or basically any social media platform, you’ve probably seen the Ugg Tasman slippers. These cozy shoes have skyrocketed in popularity, becoming even more must-have than when they first popped up last year. But let’s face it, they’re pricy. Thankfully, though, there’s an Ugg Tasman alternative on Amazon.

During early Amazon Prime Big Deal Days, you can get the Fireside by Dearfoam Greta Slipper for half the price of the original Uggs.

But what makes the Tasman Uggs so special? According to TikTok videos from creators like @jessicacukier, they truly have no faults. Her video satirically listing no reasons to skip out on buying the fluffy indoor/outdoor slipper has garnered 3.2 million views


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Truly, though, there are a few reasons they’re so popular. First, they’re great for indoor and outdoor wear. Stay cozy when you go out to run errands, and you don’t even need to remove them when you get home. They come in four different colors (including a bright, hot pink), have grippy soles for stability, and a moisture-wicking lining.

But, they’re costly at $110, so finding a Ugg Tasman alternative is key.

Fortunately, the Fireside by Dearfoam Greta Slipper is a great solution if you’re looking for a similar style at a much better price. The Fireside by Dearfoam Greta Slipper offers excellent comfort and quality without breaking the bank, making it a perfect Ugg Tasman alternative.

Just like Ugg Tasman, the Fireside by Dearfoam Greta Slipper features plush material. It has 100% Australian shearling that warmly envelops your feet, and the tan exterior is a ringer for the Ugg. The only real difference in appearance is the braided lining around the opening.

The DearFoams also help you stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer thanks to its temperature-regulating design. The natural sheepskin interior is moisture-wicking so you won’t ever have to walk around with sweaty feet.

But of course, the affordability is the real draw of the DearFoams, especially when on sale for Amazon Prime’s Big Deal Days. You can enjoy the comfort and style of Ugg Tasman without nearly the same investment.

But that’s not the only Ugg alternative you want to think about. If you’re an Ugg lover but always hesitant about the price tag, definitely check out the Fireside by Dearfoams Women’s Riverland Shearling Ankle Boot which looks incredibly similar to the Ugg Mini.

Like the original Ugg, the DearFoam more substantial boot rather than a slipper. The boot rises to the ankle and features cozy shearling and a sheepskin-lined interior. Plus, it’s also got the indoor and outdoor sole like the Ugg.

If you’ve been eyeing a pair of quality Uggs lately but were hesitant due to their price, consider one of these affordable options. This way, you can elevate your loungewear and enjoy the same comfort without breaking the bank during Amazon Prime’s big deal days.

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