Trainer of the Day: Nike Air Max LD-Zero H


This is a new feature where we tell you about new trainers and why you should buy them now, quick, before they’re gone and you see someone walking down in the street in them and you’re all “FUCK!” and annoyed at yourself and that.

Nike has somehow largely slipped out of the Hypebeast bubble, which makes shoes bad news for sweating sneaker re-sellers who cheat their way into buying up all the stock and then selling it on at a huge mark-up but good news for you.

Nike and design legend Hiroshi Fujiwara’s label Fragment bring the goods once more with the LD-Zero H (£135), a show inspired by the ultra-clean Seventies favourite the Nike LD1000. Recreated here with cool new eyelets, double-up Flywire cabling, and that bomb full-sole see-through Max Air unit at the bottoms where if you squint and look into them they look a bit like one of those salt cave spas. And then there’s a cool sandy suede upper that will have you praying at the altar of Crep Protect and see you walking around town like Him in Powerpuff Girls, way up on your tiptoes so you don’t scuff them.


In short, these are so beautiful that they’re almost certainly going to ruin your life. Just look at the back of them – that Fragment heel detailing that looks like the delicately laid wares of London’s finest OCD cokehead.

But what a way to go, huh? What a way for it all to end. You’ve had a good run, haven’t you, with your years of not owning trainers so beautiful that people stop you in the street want their picture taken with your feet and all the while you just want to get home, home where it’s safe and dry and there are (hopefully) no dirty puddles, where you can wear these babies in sweet, sweet safety.

The NIKE Air Max LD-Zero H is available to buy now.


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