Timex’s Peanuts Watches Caused a Frenzy With Collectors—Now They’re Back

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If you’re into childhood nostalgia (????), prepare yourself: Timex has created a series of watches featuring the Peanuts gang and we cannot. get. enough. The partnership reintroduces a series of character watches featuring the likenesses of Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy, and of course, everyone’s favorite beagle, Snoopy. The very first Timex Peanuts watches were released back in the early ’70s and enjoyed a strong re-sale market: Search for them on eBay now and you’ll find old-school options still in their original boxes, and with an original price tag of $17, going for $145.

While many of the original watches were initially designed to teach children to tell time, pieces in this new edition (which are on sale now and retail for $57 each) have been made specifically for grown up wrists. The watches are based on the vintage-inspired Timex Weekender style, with its easy-to-change, military-inspired nylon NATO strap system. The straps also coordinate with aspects of the featured character’s personal style: Charlie Brown has his signature yellow and black zig-zag, Linus gets red stripes, Snoopy’s red strap matches his hat, and entrepreneur/dreamer Lucy Van Pelt has romantic puffy clouds to go with her sassy blue dress.

The beloved Peanuts friends can be seen putting their hands in the air (…like they just don’t care) to point to the time on the dials, which also features INDIGLO glow-in-the-dark readability. And while they may look like kids’ stuff at first, they’re surprisingly sophisticated—and totally chic.

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