This Kitchen Staple Will Make Your Jewelry Sparkle

Jewelry is arranged in a jewelry box.

While you might not think about it much, your jewelry needs regular cleaning. If you’re got an engagement ring or a favorite set of earrings, they’re likely worn often, and thus, they need to be cleaned. You probably already have all you need to do it.

You can use dish soap to clean jewelry, and it’ll keep your pieces shining.

This hack is particularly for gemstones, diamonds, and silver pieces. To use it, you combine dish soap with seltzer water for a fizzy little bath for your stones. All you need to do is stir to combine, and then, let your jewelry soak for five minutes. While it’s sitting in the mixture, the carbonation from the seltzer helps to loosen up all the hairspray, skin care, and household dirt that gets trapped in your rings’ settings, on your earrings, and around your necklaces.

Once your pieces have finished soaking, use a soft toothbrush and gently scrub them down to get into any nook and crannies and ensure they’re clean as can be. Finally, rinse with plain water, and your pieces will be good to go.

While this tip is good for at-home cleanings, if you really want a special piece to sparkle, you can always opt to have it professionally cleaned. Need somewhere to store your baubles once cleaned? Check out these storage options.

[Via LifeHacker]

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