This Hair Tool Gives Me a Perfect Blowout Every Time

A woman holds up a blow dryer brush, a blow dryer brush is suspended in the air, and a woman has a finished blowout.

We all know the feeling of leaving the salon with your hair freshly done. Nothing can stop you, but you wake up the next day and everything has gone flat and lifeless. Thankfully, there’s a two-in-one hair tool that can help.

Amika’s Hair Blow Dryer Brush is a dryer and round brush combined into one hair tool, and it’ll give you that fresh blowout look like you’ve just walked out of the salon.

Here’s the thing about blowouts. If you’re not able to multitask using a round brush and hair dryer, they can feel almost impossible to achieve. The Amika tool simplifies that allowing you to both style and dry your hair at the same time. Ultimately, this means less time spent in front of the mirror for a hefty task.

The brush, which is good for all hair types, has three heat settings that allow you to customize your blow dry. Those with thinner, more delicate strands, for example, might opt for a lower setting in order to avoid damage. For those with thick hair, a higher heat setting could be best.

In addition to the heat customization, the brush features an oval shape that pulls the hair up and over the tool for a lift at the root that offers more volume. As you dry, the bristles help to smooth the hair and prevent frizz while also minimizing breakage.

But the best part is how easy it is to use. Simply take your towel-dried hair and separate it into sections. Then, run the brush through the hair, curling it under at the ends. No round brush is required.

If you’ve been looking for a hair tool that gives you that voluminous, blown-out look, Amika’s Hair Blow Dryer Brush is the way to go.

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