This Hack Makes Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes a Cinch

Multiple makeup brushes are lined up in row.

If you’re anything like me, you don’t wash your makeup brushes nearly as much as you should. Scrubbing them can be a time-consuming process. As it turns out, there’s a hack for that, and the key is probably already in your kitchen.

A sieve makes cleaning your makeup brushes much easier. In a video on Instagram, Chantel Mila showcased three life hacks, including this brush-cleaning shortcut.

To try it, grab a bowl and fill it with lukewarm water. While Mila doesn’t say what cleanser she uses, a small bit of dish soap mixed in the water will work.

Dip your brush in the water and soap mixture. Then, hold the sieve over the water and rub your brush among the mesh, using it as a gentle scrubber. Not only will it eliminate any debris inside the brush, but it means you won’t need to run the brush over paper towels to scrub it clean. Lay the brushes flat to dry overnight, and you’ll have a clean tool to use the next day.

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While yes, it’s easy to put off seemingly tedious tasks like cleaning your brushes, it is necessary. Skipping cleaning your brushes can lead to bacteria build-up on the tools, and when used on the face, you can experience everything from irritation to acne.

The next time you reach for that foundation brush and realize it has seen better days, instead of reaching for the paper towel roll, grab your kitchen sieve instead.

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