This Eyelash Hack Makes Your Natural Lashes Appear Longer

Closeup shot of woman's eyes with day makeup.

For those who prefer to rock your natural lashes but want that extra va-va-voom, a hack originally found on TikTok may be the answer you are looking for—all it requires is Vaseline and an eyelash curler.

This hack originated on TikTok by influencer @Brighattas and has so far collected 3.9 million views. In the video, Bri rubs a generous about of Vaseline directly onto her lashes and curls them with her eyelash curler for about 10 seconds.

Once she pulls the eyelash curler away, her lashes are voluminous, longer looking, and appear darker. “If you are not using Vaseline to curl your lashes, you are doing yourself a disservice,” Bri says in the video. “I have zero mascara on right now. None.”


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Vaseline, made of 100% petroleum jelly, has several benefits for the body, like sealing in moisture and acting as a barrier to help prevent water loss, and it does the same for the lashes. Petroleum jelly helps the lashes appear healthier and fuller, all the while sealing in moisture.

Be sure to wash your hands before applying anything to your eyes, as dirt or bacteria can cause infections.

This hack is great for those who prefer a natural look with little product on the eyes. However, feel free to add a light coat of your favorite mascara to maximize the look even more and give yourself that boost of confidence you deserve.

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