This Cult Favorite Skin Care Brand Is Having a Major Sale

A person applies hand screen to their palm, a woman holds up package of Goop Glowscreen, and a person adds sunscreen to their fingertips.

Resisting a sale is difficult. Resisting a major sale from a cult classic skin care brand is basically impossible, so why try? Especially when said sale is from Supergoop!

Supergoop, the skin care brand known for its sunscreen and SPF-based products, is hosting its friends and family sale. You can score 20% off sitewide through Sept. 20. Simply use code FF20 at checkout.

Even if the name Supergoop doesn’t immediately ring your beauty bells, you might have heard of their iconic products like the Unseen Sunscreen and the Glowscreen. Both are among the most recommended SPFs out there, and unlikely other brands, they work on all skin tones without leaving behind a white cast.

While you might be thinking that summer is over so you don’t need to stock up on sunscreen, think again. You need to wear sunscreen year-round.

Want to take advantage of the sale? Here are some of our favorite deals.

Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40, $28.80

A woman applies sunscreen to her face, and a person applies sunscreen to her fingertips.

The Unseen Sunscreen is arguably Supergoop’s most well-known and beloved product. The sunscreen is completely clear which means it can work for any skin tone without leaving a white cast left behind. Plus, it has a weightless feel and is scentless, so you won’t feel like you’ve got a mask over your face. With SPF 40, it offers the necessary protection from sun exposure and protects against both UV and infrared radiation. For those who wear makeup, it also acts as a gripping and smoothing primer.

Glowscreen SPF 40, $28.80

A woman holds up a package of sunscreen, and two packages of sunscreen sit against a swatch of the product.

For those who love a glow, Supergoop’s Glowscreen is the way to go (it’s right there in the name). It features SPF 40, so you get plenty of protection, but it’s also great at moisturizing the skin. There’s hyaluronic acid to draw in moisture and niacinamide to help the skin barrier. The product leaves behind a dewy (but not glittery) sheen on the skin and comes in two shades.

Lipscreen Sheer SPF 30, $17.60

A woman applies lip balm, and two lip balms are placed on a reflective background.

Let’s be honest, sunscreen doesn’t taste good, and you probably don’t want to swallow it. But your lips need sun protection, too. That’s where Supergoop’s Lipscreen comes in. This SPF 30 lip balm offers ample sun protection, but it also nourishes the lips with acai fruit oil and castor seed oil. Thanks to its sheerness, it can be worn on its own or beneath lipstick.

Handscreen SPF 40

A person holds up a bottle of hand sunscreen, and a person pumps hand sunscreen onto their fingertips.

If you’ve ever wondered whether your hands age faster than the rest of your skin, they don’t, but they can appear that way. Sun exposure is the reason. That’s why an SPF hand cream is a must. Supergoop’s Handscreen offers SPF 40 protection to your hands while also nourishing and hydrating your skin with oils and antioxidants.

Whether you’re already a dedicated Supergoop fan or want to try some of the brand’s most iconic products for the first time, the friends and family sale is the ime.

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