This Affordable Fall Lipstick Is the Perfect Shade for Everyone

Three people with different skin tones have swatches of lipstick on their arms, two people wear lipstick, and a tub of lipstick is in front of a swatch of the product.

If you’re a beauty lover, you know the name Clinique. The classic brand is a staple in department stores and beauty retailers alike, and if you’re like me, its the first beauty brand you ever wore. While the brand’s popularity never subsided, it has gotten a jolt recently thanks to an affordable, fall lipstick that looks perfect on everyone.

Clinique’s Black Honey Almost Lipstick has always been one of the brand’s most famed products, but thanks to a viral moment on TikTok last year, its popularity has risen again. With fall here, it’s the shade you need for the season.

In its slim, easily transportable packaging, Black Honey looks like it will be a deep burgundy hue when applied. For those with light to medium deep skin tones, it might not exactly look like a shade you’d don for your everyday makeup. But don’t be fooled by its color. This lipstick adapts to your natural lip color thanks to its sheer, balm-like finish and works on every skin tone—yes, really.

A tube of lipstick is in front of the swatch.

The secret is in the formula. The color blends blue, yellow, and red pigments to create that deep color, but when applied, it goes on in a sheer wash of color. Those pigments then blend in with your natural lip color to create a shade that’s unique to you. Because yes, Black Honey looks subtly different on everyone.

If you’ve been looking for a way to subtly embrace fall with your beauty look, this $22 lipstick meets lip balm from Clinique is the way to go.

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