These Pantone Bags will brighten up your commute


Having pretty much cornered the market for office mugs used by graphic designers, Pantone is now looking to make a splash in the bag world too.

The US-based colour giant has just teamed up with hip premium luggage brand Redland London, creating some ultra-striking bags in a line-up of eight exclusive Pantone colours: Beeswax, Cabaret, Capri Breeze, Loganberry, Phantom, Mood Indigo, Phantom and Tango Red.

Yes, they sound like additives listed on the back of a Wonka Bar, but splattered across Redland’s minimalist hold-alls and laptop bags – each boasting a unique Pantone ID number – those deep, eye-catching hues are certain to make your spring summer 2016 commute that extra bit special.

Now available to pre-order from the Redland’s website, the collection lands on 30 Nov and you’ll even be able to buy them in Selfridges come 20 December.

Check out our picks of the bunch below.

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