The Weird Place You Should Put a Dryer Sheet

A box of dryer sheets sit on top of a washing machine.

You might not know it, but dryer sheets are controversial. Some have sworn them off completely thanks to their tendency to leave behind residue on items like towels. But before you toss your own, you might want to consider putting them in one strange position.

You should put dryer sheets in your shoes. Yes, we know this sounds odd, but hear us out.

One of the reasons people use dryer sheets in their laundry is to make their clothes smell better, right? While yes, they certainly work, they can leave a residue behind on your lint screen adding additional wear and tear to your dryer. Plus, that same residue can be left on items like towels and athletic wear making them less absorbent or moisture-wicking over time. Instead, it’s time to stash them in your shoes and eliminate odor!

All you’ll need to do is cut a dryer sheet in half (or use a whole one) and place it inside your tennis shoe or any other footwear that has taken on an odd scent. Allow the sheet to sit inside the shoe overnight, and the smell should be better in the morning. Will it be completely gone? Probably not if the smell has built up over time, but this is a great preventative hack for lightly odorous shoes.

Before tossing that box of dryer sheets in favor of dryer balls, put them in your closet. In fact, getting rid of shoe odor isn’t their only closet-appropriate use. Check out how they can help remove deodorant stains, too.

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