The Viral Bogg Bag Has a Sam’s Club Dupe

A silicone, waterproof bag is on display at a Sam's Club, and a person holds a teal silicone bag filled with beach items.

You’ve probably seen people carrying around giant Stanley tumblers and likely saw others carrying around the Beis Weekender bag. Both of which happen to have affordable dupes. Well, now there’s another.

Sam’s Club has a dupe for the viral Bogg Bag, and yes, it’s cheaper than the original.

Just in case you’re not familiar with Bogg Bags, they’re large, square totes made from a silicon-like material that’s waterproof and exceptionally easy to clean. The bags feature two short handles at the top, holes along the body for breathability (and for things like cellphone clips and other accessories), and a set of two clean insert bags.


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The internet loves them, but they typically retail for $110—a high price point for many. Enter: Sam’s Club. Instagram account @samsclubmembers spotted the Sam’s Club Sport-Brella Beach Tote in their local store, and it’s nearly a dead ringer for the viral favorite.

Much like the Bogg Bag, the Sam’s Club bag features an easily cleanable, silicone material that makes it perfect if you’ve got kids or a somewhat messy job (like nurses or teachers) or, you know, are going to the beach. Plus, the bag features the same breathability holes as the original, meaning you can attach jibbitz and accessories.

But the best part? It retails for $59.90. Currently, you’ll need to head into your local store to see if it’s in stock as you can’t check quantities online. However, you can order it from the Sam’s Club website if you’re a plus member. It’s available in black, red, and teal, and ships right to your door.

Whether you actually are looking for a great beach bag or just want to hop on the viral trend at a lower cost, this Sam’s Club bag is the way to go.

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