The Special Agents Of Skin Cells – Antioxidants

Antioxidants are our cell guards that protect them from premature aging and at the same time they take care of the skin’s health and quality.

The Goal – To Increase The Resilience Of The Skin

Why are antioxidants necessary?
Free radicals and various other harmful factors – UV light, environmental pollution, stress, etc. cause skin cell damage and mutations deplete the flexibility of fiber, damages DNA, accelerating the skin premature aging and wrinkles. In order to reduce oxidative stress and free radicals, antioxidants are needed.

The good news: there are many different and powerful antioxidants – A, C, E vitamins, beta-carotenoids, flavonoids, polyphenols, etc., which neutralizes free radical activity, and prevents cell damage and maintains the health of our cells. This means that the targeted increase the antioxidant content in the body, we can prevent accelerated aging.

Targeted Strategy

We accumulate reserves! The best source of antioxidants is properly selected diet rich in fruits and vegetables, which literally saturate every cell body with fresh vitamins and minerals.

strawberryWhat to eat? Brightly colored berries (contain various antioxidants), cabbage and carrots (vitamin A and beta-carotene), citrus fruits, pomegranates and peppers (Vitamin C), seafood and fish (selenium), legumes, nuts and seeds (vitamin E), red wine (polyphenols), tomatoes and watermelons (lycopene), cereals and spices added to dishes of ground cinnamon or cloves, they contain a lot of antioxidants.

Recommendation: after the age of 30 in the spring are very useful for face beauty vitamin complexes, because after a long winter of vitamins in vegetables and fruit is too little, even though we eat them every day. Use them in the form of long-term rate – at least 3-4 months.

Note: an antioxidant in the blood and / or the lack of a laboratory can be determined through a blood test.

Support Your Skin From The Outside

In order to strengthen the protection of the skin from the outside, choose skin care products with the valuable antioxidant additives, they can be creams, serums, fluids, concentrates, ampules, masks, etc.. After a long winter they will help refresh your face and improve the radiance of the. An important principle is what you expect from a particular product because antioxidants are completely unable to eliminate existing wrinkles, the effect is much better – they prevent or hinder future age changes in the skin.

Important: The studies confirm that is essential for the skin’s capacity to absorb / absorbantioxidants, as well as how effective it is capable of interfering substance use. So take care of proper skin treatment on a daily basis, once every 7-10 days by cleaning it with a peeling, and also practice the facial muscles through exercise, massage and other treatments that promote blood circulation in the face, thus contributing to a better absorption of active ingredients.

The good news: especially effective are vitamin C, vitamin E, and selenium, as they are able to build up reserves in the skin, which is not washed off and will not be removed from the skin, keeping its defenses for several days after use.
Note: cosmetics added antioxidant protection to their own make-up of faster deterioration provides the biological activity and stability.

Antioxidants Are Scientifically Proven

  • Cosmetics with high antioxidant content in the best way provides protection against skin aging caused by UVR, stress, etc., and reduces inflammation formation.
  • A, Vitamin C and Q10 are best to protect the skin against aging, so they are widely used in anti-aging cosmetics. Vitamin A is a very valuable for dry skin care and maintaining a youthful skin’s look; Vitamin C reduces dark circles around the eyes, refreshes the skin and takes care of its glow.
  • A, C and E vitamin combination reduces unwanted pigmentation spots and protects against UV rays.
  • Coenzyme Q10 in combination with vitamin A reduces the degradation of elastic fibers in the skin. Q10 stimulates collagen synthesis, which takes care of the skin elasticity.

What To Choose?

In order to effectively combat skin problems – a gray, dry skin, unwanted pigmentation, skin relaxation, slackening, wrinkling, greasiness, pore plugging, etc., with the most powerful pick-up A, C and E antioxidants, which helps clean up very well to the skin. Most antioxidants are generally serum concentrates, beauty ampules, lifting and anti-aging creams, emulsions, masks and etc. Required antioxidant complex or individually fall into a specific purpose – moisturizing, bleaching, restoration, etc. Read the label, ask the vendor to pick up your skin problem and the most appropriate agent.

Take note: in order to feel the cosmetic effect, they must be taken every day for at least 3 months.

Recommendation: If the skin is tired, dry, use cosmetics with vitamin A (retinol) at least half a year. However, beware, because Vitamin A can make skin much more sensitive to the sun, so the first sunny days, apply a cream containing retinol, but, after it is absorbed into the skin, apply cosmetics that contain SPF.

Note: a high-quality natural source of antioxidants of different herbal extracts and oils such as tea tree, grape pips, argan, shea, germinated wheat sprouts, seaweed, green tea, etc.

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