The Indiana Jones Guide to Achieving Your Goals

I grew up watching a lot of movies, and some of my favorites were ones with Indiana Jones, the famed archaeologist and adventurer.

Indiana spent his days fighting enemies and trekking through wild and uncharted territories in pursuit of precious artifacts (or to keep them out of the wrong hands). He gave everything to his mission.

By the end of the story, Indiana is the hero. His name is synonymous with a hero overcoming (seemingly) impossible obstacles and accomplishing his goal.

Think overcoming tough challenges only happens in movies? Indiana Jones’ story follows a series of steps that can help you achieve your goals if you’re willing to try.

And they don’t require whips, snakes, or iconic hats, either. Just a shift in mindset and the willingness to challenge yourself to give it your all.

First, you’ve got to have a plan (and want it).

Indiana Jones: “Meet me at Omar’s. Be ready for me. I’m going after that truck.”

Indiana always had a goal in mind, but needed a way to get there. Before any one of his missions he would think about what needed to be done and ten devise a plan to do it.

Most of the time his missions seemed impossible. It was a long shot. He got captured by enemies, caught up in fights, and involved in seemingly every possible obstacle along the way.

But he was determined, and wanting it that badly, whether or not your life is at risk, gets you a long way in pursuit of your goals.

If you want to beat the Nazis to getting to the Holy Grail and find your missing father on the way, you’ve got to have a plan, and want it.

You’ve got to face your challenges head on (but you don’t have to do it alone).

Indiana Jones: (Passing a torch) “Take this. Wave it at anything that slithers.”
Marion: “Thanks. Oh, my God! This whole place is slithering!”

Indiana hated snakes. Yet, along the way he would find himself face to face with them. He could have run away. He could have quit. He could have let himself be paralyzed by fear. But one way or another, he faced his challenges and ultimately overcame them.

In “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” Indiana pulled together his resources to overcome the snakes with the help of Marion and a torch. He had few resources, but it was the help he needed to overcome the challenges.

When pursuing your goals, your greatest challenge may crop up unexpectedly and you may find yourself in your own pit of snakes, but you may not have to do it alone.

What resources do you have to overcome your challenges? Find your own Marion to help you and your own torch to get you through.

Never give up.

Indiana: “I’m gonna blow up the Ark, Rene.”
Belloq: “Your persistence surprises even me. You’re going to give mercenaries a bad name.”

Despite all challenges, Indiana never gave up. He could have quit many times, but didn’t.

If he hadn’t kept going, he never would have achieved his goal (of gotten the girl at the end). He persisted, and he was resilient in the face of adversity.

In order to achieve your goals, you have to never give up, even when there are setbacks.

It starts with believing in your goals and in yourself. Resiliency is key.

What’s your Indiana Jones story going to be?

You may be ready to tackle your goals and achieve your goals.

In order to get on your way, you’ve got to have a plan and really want to achieve your goal. Even if it is just a few steps ahead, plan what you should do next to accomplish what you want.

You’ll need to face your challenges head on and overcome them. Even the best heros have them. And it’s okay to ask for help.

And most of all, in order to achieve your goals you should never give up. Ever.

If you do all of these things the achievement of your goals will have an Indiana Jones story. I can’t promise you’ll get the girl in the end (unless that is your goal), but at least you’ll have progress on achieving your goals. And isn’t that what’s most important?

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