The first impression of female in men’s eyes

There will be big deviation on the concerns of men look at women, as some people will pay more attention on the height, someone more interests skin color and quality, some people like beautiful legs, but some people like good temperament. Anyway, the liked point determines the interesting point. Reading through the following article, I am sure you can get much useful information and knowledge.


One, your overall

The man will mostly pay attention on the overall feeling of a woman, so if you are out of good proportion, such as short legs, too fat legs, they will continue to pay attention to other performance. In their opinion, the overall feeling is very important, which plays a decisive role.

Two, the bright eyes

It is said that eyes are the windows of the soul, so from the eyes of a person, you can understand many of her features. Moreover, the beautiful eyes girl can attract much more attention.


Three, smile

Smiling can shorten the distance between of each other, and a smile can make people feel friendly. If the girl is beautiful and love smiling, this girl is affirmed in the man heart. Some people will certainly say beautiful girls will make people good feeling, even if you have good smiling on the face.

Four, skin color

A person’s physical condition will be directly reflected in the face, so good color people generally with good physical condition. So if the spirit and the complexion of the people are not good, the body must be weak or may be poor health.


Five, ratio of waist and hip

Man is seeking the future mothers of young children by instinct. Waist size is significantly smaller than the hip size, which is the symbol of your fertility. The S type convex curve can shows a woman’s figure and sexy, so great ratio of your waist and hip is very important point to attract men’s attention.


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