The Choker That is Also a Hair Bow

An old boss of mine used to have a giant jar of ribbons in her office. Sometimes she’d take one out while talking to me, rolling it and unrolling it absentmindedly in her hands. It was so transfixing and relaxing to watch that sometimes I’d just fall asleep right then and there.

Then she’d fired me!

Just kidding, she ruled. Anyone with a jar of ribbons rules. In San Francisco, there is an entire store dedicated to ribbons. The store only sells ribbons. Guess what it is called? The Ribbonerie. It rules too.

But for as great as ribbons and their people are, what good is a bunch of ribbons if they sit around and do nothing all day? No good at all, really, so what do you say? Grab the one nearest to your finger tips and put it to good use.

(Note: this first bow works best for hair that can make a low pony. If your hair is too short, see the slideshow above for headband/back bow combo.)

Step One: Wrap one long ribbon around your neck and hair, tying it in the back like so.


Step Two: Flip the crossed pieces over your shoulders to get ’em out of the way. Then lift your hair up and over. (If your hair is extra thick, you may want to make an actual knot at the nape of your neck to secure the choker before the third step.)


Step Three: Take the long pieces hanging over your shoulders and wrap those around your hair to tie it up.


Step Four: Add the bow.


There you go!


You’ve got a choker, some hair flare and a fancy addition to your day, all with the help of one pretty little ribbon.

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