The Best Women’s Sun Hats for Added Sun Protection

Three beautiful young woman with sun hats sitting by the poolside.

When you are spending time outside in the sun, there is almost no layer of protection that is too great—and sunhats are some of the best! Designed to keep the sun off your head, face, neck, and ears while helping to keep you cool and shield your eyes, women’s sun hats are a stylish and functional piece of summer attire. Below are our favorites!

What to Consider When Purchasing Women’s Sun Hats

When shopping for the perfect sun hat, consider these few points to help make the best decision:

  • Use: In the sun, but in the garden? On a hike? Out fishing? To a party? If you are taking this sun hat to a beach, lake, or river, look for one made of waterproof materials. A broad brim is also helpful for protecting your shoulders when you are wearing a swimsuit. If you plan on wearing it in windy conditions, consider a hat with an adjustable chin strap to keep it secure. If you expect to be traveling with your hat, opt for one that is easily folded and portable without being ruined or bent in the process. The flexible design means that you can pop it out and put it on whenever you need it.
  • Style: Choose a sun hat style that not only makes you feel and look good but also offers the type of support and protection for which you will be wearing it. Woven material gives you a classic beach look, while a fabric material allows you to explore more color options.
  • Size: From overlarge to sport, there is a range of sizes for the crown and brim length. The size will generally coincide with the usage and purpose, although there is nothing wrong with getting a hat as big (or as small) as you like!
  • Protection: The whole idea of a sun hat is to offer protection from the sun, so make sure the hat you choose provides enough coverage! Fully enclosed hats are ideal for blocking out most of the sun’s rays, and also, there’s nothing wrong with a high UV protection rating to match!

Top Choice: FURTALK Womens Beach Sun Straw Hat

A straw hat with a black ribbon tied around the crown and a black chin drawstring.

Offering a UPF 50 with a full brim and sun blocker function, this beach straw hat is great for spending a day in the sun. Made of high-quality straw, it is ideal for all-day everyday wear or even on special holidays and can be paired with just about anything, including bikinis, shorts, and dresses. The brim is foldable, so it is great for travel and features a moisture-wicking sweatband to help make sure you stay cool and comfortable. The hat also has a removable chin strap, so the hat can even be worn in windy weather.

Best Wide Brim: FURTALK Womens Sun Straw Hat Wide Brim

A floppy-brimmed white sunhat with long black ribbon.

Featuring a floppy style that is foldable and portable, this sun hat can provide you with maximum protection. It is made of tightly woven premium paper straw, so it is both lightweight and flexible. This sun hat features a UPF protection of 50+, which filters the sun’s rays while the large brim easily covers your face, neck, and ears to keep you cool. The chin strap has adjustable Velcro and can be detached and easily reattached for windy and sunny days. The inner sweatband helps wick away moisture and keep you even cooler.

Best with Lanyard: Jane Shine Outdoor Sun Hat

A teal sun hat with a long adjustable lanyard.

From pink to khaki to orange and blue, this hat has a color for almost anyone. It can fit most adults and teens with an inner adjustable drawstring. Offering both wind and sun protection, there is an adjustable crown and chin drawstring as well as UPF 50+ for sun protection. You can wear this flexible hat with the brim folded up or down and can easily be rolled for transport while keeping its shape. The top of this hat is made from breathable nylon mesh, while the remaining part of this bucket hat is polyester. The inner lining features cool cotton for a quick-drying, sweat-absorbing addition to your wardrobe.

Best Fedora Style: Lanzom Women Wide Brim Fedora Sun Hat

A pink straw fedora with a black ribbon.

Featuring an unforgettable Panama style, this roll-up hat offers UPF 50+ protection from the sun and a wide range of fun colors to choose from, so there is always one to match your outfit! Lightweight and breathable, this cute hat is ideal for summer events, such as going to the beach, the pool, on a date, or a backyard party. Soft and comfortable, thanks to a paper straw and polyester blend of material, it gives an extra bit of stylish design while being functional.

Best with Ponytail: Muryoboa Women’s Ponytail Sun Hat

A black fabric sun hat with adjustable pony tail slot.

This casual-style sun hat has a breathable mesh layer for greater airflow with a convenient ponytail opening and buttons on each side of the hat to allow it to be worn in a variety of styles. This hat is also equipped with an adjustable drawstring chin and crown strap. Once you have created your perfect fit, the large brim shades the forehead. As it is able to be rolled up without losing shape, this hat is easy to travel with for a range of outdoor activities.

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