The Best Women’s Sliders

Flat view of women's slider sandals.

Buying Guide for Women’s Sliders

Red-and-white striped sliders.

Why buy women’s sliders?

Sliders are one of the most popular types of shoes for a reason, particularly when the weather is warm. They come in numerous styles and designs and, despite their casual reputation, can be paired with several different looks. They’re equally useful for slipping on your feet to let the dog out at night or running around the corner to the store as they are for a trip to the beach or a laid-back outing with friends. For women who like to wear slippers around their house but find that said slippers make their feet too sweaty or hot, a pair of sliders offer an excellent alternative solution. Since they’re backless and open-toed, they allow much better airflow than slippers while still cushioning and supporting your feet.

What should you look for in women’s sliders?

  • Function: Think about where you plan to wear your sliders most of the time. Depending on where you anticipate wearing them the most, look for features that are best suited for that area. For instance, you’ll want water-resistant or waterproof models for poolside wear, a nonslip bottom if you have shiny, slippery floors at home or want to use them as shower slippers, or raised (if still flat) soles if you ever need a few extra inches of height.
  • Color: Like many other women’s shoes, sliders are available in just about any color that you could hope for. Solid colors and neutral shades are most common, but there are plenty of other hues as well as multicolored and patterned options out there too.
  • Style: There are plush, fluffy models essentially slippers in slider form. There are athletic-style sliders suitable for casual hikes or bike rides or recover sliders for certain types of athletes. You can even find dressier, more fashionable sliders with glitter or rhinestones or other decorations if you want something a little fancier than usual.

What is the difference between sliders and flip-flops?

They are very similar shoes, as both are flat-soled, open-toed, backless, and tend to be worn in similar, usually casual, environments. However, there is one key difference between sliders and flip-flops. Sliders have a single, wide strap around the toes that’s completely open, rather than a y-strap that slots between the first and second toe. This also means that sliders have a wider toe box for more wiggle room and freedom of movement. Some may find sliders more comfortable for these reasons, and they tend to be heavier, more solid, and harder to break—the straps in particular. Also, note that sliders tend to have thicker, more supportive outer soles and better traction than flip flops.

Our Picks for the Best Women’s Sliders

Pros: If you’re looking for a pair of sliders to protect your feet in damp areas like the shower or steam room, or beach, these shoes are well worth a look. The raised diamond pattern on the top and bottom of the thick soles provides increased friction to prevent slipping yet isn’t uncomfortable against the base of your feet. The material is lightweight and flexible, so it won’t weigh your feet down even when it gets wet, unlike some water shoes. It’s also waterproof and quick-drying, ideal for damp environments. There are plenty of colors to choose from—28 total.

Cons: These sliders do not come in half-size options.

Bottom Line: Wearing shoes in the shower or spa, especially in public ones such as in gym or community pool locker rooms, is generally a good idea; it helps protect your feet from bacteria and any debris lying around. Due to this pair’s lightweight, waterproof build and thick, antislip soles, they make great shower sliders.


Pros: If you’re in the market for a pair of unique and original sliders, look no further. The novelty, lifelike fish design, available in six different colors, is great for people who want something different, eye-catching, or truly novel. They’re another good choice for damp environments, as these sliders are both waterproof and shockproof. Since they’re waterproof, they’re very easy to clean. If you have very large or tiny feet, never fear; these sliders start at a women’s size 4.5 and can accommodate up to a women’s size 14 (though note that they’re all in wide sizes only).

Cons: The plastic body grows hot if you wear these shoes for too long; they’re not as well-aerated as most sliders.

Bottom Line: These fish-shaped sliders will get a laugh and reaction wherever you go. Whether you want to buy them for your use, as a joke or gag present for a gift exchange or the fishing aficionado in your life, or as part of a costume, the people around you are sure to get a huge kick out of them.


Pros: Sliders are already known for being a comfy type of shoe as it is, and this sporty pair takes it to the next level. They have soft foam cushioning, a contoured footbed, and a textile lining. They’ll feel soft and squishy on your feet, but the rubber sole ensures they’re firm enough to offer support as well. There’s excellent size variety, ranging from a women’s 5 to a women’s 13, and even more color and design choices, 44 options total. There are even some metallic and patterned options.

Cons: These tend to run bigger and wider, so you may want to order a size down, especially if you plan on walking around a lot in these shoes.

Bottom Line: Even by slider standards, this sporty pair is incredibly soft and comfortable, excellent for wearing around the house, running errands, and for people who are on their feet all day in general.


Pros: If you want a pair of sliders that offer a bit more in the way of style or bling, you’re in luck. The sparkly straps of these shoes add a little flair to the usual slider look, but the base should still be comfy against the soles of your feet. They also don’t run as wide or big as other sliders do and hold their shape well. With 22 colors to choose from, there are options for pretty much every taste, whether you like more muted or eye-catching shoes—and all 22 options come with sparkles.

Cons: These don’t offer much in the way of traction or antislip.

Bottom Line: This particular pair provides a more fashionable option for those who want something with a bit more flair or bling. At the same time, they still offer much of the classic slider practicality and sturdiness.


Pros: The faux fur along the straps is soft to the touch and gives them nice coziness, paired with memory foam on the insole for extra comfort and shock absorption. That faux also provides warmth for cold feet, but the open front and small gaps left by the crisscrossed straps also allow airflow so your feet won’t feel overheated or sweaty. The soles are made of rubber which allows them to absorb noise, and they are waterproof with antislip bottoms to provide traction.

Cons: These sliders are narrower at the front than most. If you have wide feet, they may be more narrow than you’re comfortable with.

Bottom Line: The faux fur-lined straps keep your feet warm without overheating them, making these an excellent option for those colder days.

Final Thoughts

These comfy, versatile sliders are precisely what you need for those days when you just need to slip on some shoes and go without any fuss. They can be a convenient type of shoe wear that can be dressed up or down or worn around the house. Enjoy running errands or lounging at the pool with a pair of sliders.

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