The Best Women’s Mittens

A woman with mittens, a coat, and a hat on smiles while holding a cup of coffee out in the snow.

You can opt for function with heavy-duty mittens that are optimized to keep you warm, or choose a stylish pair that will perfectly accent your favorite coat.

Buying Guide for Women’s Mittens

A stack of warm winter scarves and a pair of mittens.

Why buy women’s mittens?

A great pair of mittens is a cold-weather essential. They keep your hands warm so that you don’t get sick in harsh weather conditions, and you can choose a stylish pair to build a cute, cozy outfit complete with a beautiful coat, soft scarf, cozy sweater dress, knit tights, and a killer pair of boots.

What should you look for in a pair of mittens?

  • Material: Whether you prefer wool, leather, or another fabric, it’s crucial to opt for mittens that will keep your hands nice and warm. It’s also essential that the mittens you choose are made of durable material so that they don’t degrade over time. If you’re wearing mittens while doing outdoor activities like skiing, sledding, or camping, it’s essential to choose a pair that are waterproof and are designed to last.
  • Fit: Having a pair of mittens that’s appropriate for your hand size is also essential. You don’t want to purchase a pair that is too large and will slip off your hands, nor do you want a pair that’s too small because those are uncomfortable and impractical.

What can you expect to spend on a pair of mittens?

Mittens are not only cozy and functional, but they’re also quite affordable. A great pair of mittens can keep you warm while also being easy on the wallet. You can usually find a great pair for $30 or less. Merge style with comfort with these cozy women’s mittens.

Our Picks for the Best Women’s Mittens

Pros: These mittens have dual functionality; they have a flap that secures over your fingers for full mitten warmth or folds back to give your fingers freedom and let you send a quick text or use your car key. They’re versatile and comfortable, made from soft wool, and come in classic colors that are sure to go with almost any outfit. They’re high-quality, thick, and comfortable with a flock lining and an anti-slip pigskin patch for optimized grip. They’re perfect for driving, texting, typing, and writing and have Thinsulate insulation that’s sure to keep you warm.

Cons: These mittens are one size fits most, so you can’t choose a specific size, and they aren’t vegan-friendly.

Bottom Line: It can be difficult to grip your coffee or keys with conventional mittens, so opt for these dual fingerless mittens for better practicality. Their convenient Velcro flaps allow you to easily switch them up as needed.


Pros: These heavy-duty mittens are faux leather, unisex, and come in colors that won’t clash with most outfits. You can also choose a size that works best for you. They’re great for outdoor sports like skiing and snowboarding since they’re waterproof. They feature adjustable wrist buckles, reinforced synthetic-leather palms for gripping, wrist security straps, and adjustable closures, so they’re sure to stay on while you’re on the go or skiing down a mountain.

Cons: These are conventional mittens, so you’ll likely have to take them off to drive or grip certain objects. Taking them off could take longer than others since they secure so well to the wrists.

Bottom Line: These heavy-duty mittens are warmer and tougher than gloves and are ideal for outdoor activities due to their state-of-the-art thermal retention technology. They’ll keep you dry and warm in snowy weather and are top-of-the-line quality.


Pros: These affordable mittens are cozy and comfy. They have a charming snowflake design on the hand and a warm Thinsulate lining for warmth. They come in a variety of colors, and you can choose your own size for a perfect fit.

Cons: These are conventional mittens, so you may need to take them off while driving or to grip certain objects. They aren’t waterproof, so they won’t be ideal for building snowmen.

Bottom Line: These cute and comfy mittens have a charming snowflake design that’s sure to add a rustic touch to your outfit. They also have a Thinsulate lining that’s great for keeping you warm in cold weather.


Pros: This cozy mitten set comes with a cute matching pom beanie that’s the perfect touch for a cute ensemble! They come in a variety of colors, are warm and soft, and have a Sherpa fleece lining that’s sure to keep you warm. You can even buy matching scarves, too.

Cons: It’s one-size-fits-most, so you can’t customize the size of the mittens or hat. They lean more towards fashion than function.

Bottom Line: This charming set is great for creating cute and easy outfits in cold weather. This comfy duo combines style with warmth in a fantastic way.


Pros: These chunky knit mittens come in various colors and patterns, have charming faux fur trim, a Sherpa lining, and a warm and soft feel. They feature a suede panel for easy gripping and a fuzzy lined inside that’s sure to keep you nice and cozy.

Cons: These are one size fits most, so you can’t get as customized sizing. They aren’t waterproof, either.

Bottom Line: These thick knit mittens are stylish, comfortable, and great for pairing with your favorite coat. They come in many lovely colors.

Final Thoughts

Mittens are important accessories for cold activities like skiing, snowboarding, and camping. They’re warm and soft and allow you to maintain enough dexterity for you to still hold your hot chocolate or coffee. They’re an amazing accessory in the cold months and will help you look and feel extra cozy.

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