The Best Women’s Boat Shoes

A woman sitting down wears a pair of brown boat shoes.

Boat shoes are built for comfort, so you’ll feel great while looking great in them. They’re made to handle the elements, so you can be sure they’ll last, too. We’ve done the research and found some fabulous pairs of women’s boat shoes for you to choose from.

Buying Guide for Women’s Boat Shoes

two people wearing boat shoes while on a boat.

Why buy women’s boat shoes?

Boat shoes provide excellent traction with their thick treads and fitted shape. They keep you level aboard a boat (hence the name) while being easy-on, easy-off shoes. Yet boat shoes go beyond the docks and shores as a favorite for casual, everyday wear. They also have a posh history that makes them look and feel like a luxury item.

What should you consider in women’s boat shoes?

  • Traction: Boat shoes are made to be slip-resistant, but some treads are better than others. Look for thicker soles with deep treads to keep you on your feet. Higher-quality boat shoes have great traction that should last beyond one season.
  • Sizing: Be careful when buying shoes online that you read the sizing chart carefully. Some shoes are made tight, so you may need to size up, and some are loose-fitting, so you may need to size down. Be sure to try your shoes on as soon as they arrive in case a return or exchange must be made.
  • Water Resistance: It may seem odd, but not all boat shoes are water-resistant. They may be made of leather or other materials that will get ruined if submerged. However, other boat shoes are waterproof or even water-loving.

How much can you expect to spend on a good pair of boat shoes?

A well-made pair of boat shoes can run a little steep. However, most boat shoes range from $25-$300. Our picks are quality-made and fall around the middle of that price range.

Our Picks for the Best Women’s Boat Shoes

Pros: These classic boat shoes come in lots of different sizes, including half sizes and wide sizes. There are a few chic color choices to choose from. They’re made to slip on and off easily. For shoes with great traction, comfortable insoles, and a light weight, these are a reliable pair.

Cons: The cushioned insoles wear in quickly. Also, the treads can wear out quickly if worn solely on the pavement. The fixed laces may not be snug enough for all feet.

Bottom Line: For a solid pair of boat shoes from a trusted name in comfort, these are a great selection. You can be sure you’re getting top quality for a great value. And they’re soft on bare feet, so you don’t have to grab a pair of socks to wear with them if you don’t want to.


Pros: These shoes are lightweight and very comfortable for walking. They’re super easy to slip on and off. And they’re incredibly stylish, a great sunny day look. They come in many pretty colors to go with your many pretty outfits.

Cons: They run a bit narrow, so be wary when ordering. The fixed laces are dyed leather, which may stain the shoe fabric when wet. There’s not a lot of arch support.

Bottom Line: Since these shoes aren’t being made by the manufacturer anymore, they’re a rare gem. The color selections are stylish and fabulous for fashionable warm-weather wardrobes.


Pros: These boat shoes come in three different colors: white, canary pink, and warm pink. They’re super breathable, so you don’t have to worry about wearing socks. Plus, they have flexible soles for a comfortable stride.

Cons: They run large, so size down. Some buyers didn’t find the insoles comfortable and had to replace them. They also sit high on the foot, which can cause rubbing.

Bottom Line: These are a great buy for easy on and off wear. If you’re looking for an easy shoe to tighten, the elastic straps on these are adjustable. Plus, they’re great for all-day wear.


Pros: These super-cushioned and sophisticated boat shoes are available in several trendy colors. They fit true to size and are slip-resistant to keep you safe. They’re made with solid yet lightweight materials.

Cons: These shoes aren’t water-resistant or washable. They’re also not the best in fine sand, as the sand particles can get stuck in the holes in the shoe design.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for easy-on, stylish shoes, these may be a good fit. They’re sturdy daytime shoes perfect for strolls, trips to the store, or casual-chic dinner looks. They’re made from high-quality materials and built to last.

Final Thoughts

While there’s a misconception around boat shoes that they belong in a “posh” wardrobe, you can wear boat shoes with just about anything and rock your unique style. That’s because modern boat shoes come in various colors, prints, and styles to fit a variety of people.

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