The Best Whitening Strips

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Buying Guide to Whitening Strips

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Why should you buy whitening strips?

If you’re trying to remove stains from too much coffee or cola, whitening strips are a great way to do it at home without spending too much money. You may also find that a brighter smile boosts your confidence for a special occasion or daily grind. No matter your reasons for wanting a whiter and brighter smile, whitening strips are an affordable and effective way to notice a difference.

What should you consider when shopping for whitening strips?

  • Time: Most whitening strips are meant to be used for at least 30 minutes. Some express treatments boast more significant results but require an hour of use. Other whitening strips may suggest a range of use with a time cap to ensure you don’t keep the whitening strips on your teeth for too long.
  • Ingredients: The most common whitening agent in whitening strips is hydrogen peroxide. While this is a safe and effective ingredient, its strength determines how sensitive your teeth may become and the degree of whiteness. Some whitening strips avoid peroxide altogether, focusing on natural ingredients like coconut oil and essential oils to remove stains. These ingredients are effective without causing sensitivity, but the results may not be as dramatic.
  • Lasting Results: Some whitening strips are meant to be used for a set period; then, you can wait a few months or a year before using them again. Others, more commonly the ones with natural ingredients, are meant to be used regularly for the whitening results to last.

How often should you use whitening strips?

Most whitening strips come in packages that include treatments from seven to 28 days. If a value pack includes more, it’s recommended to give your teeth a break between uses. Other whitening strips with natural ingredients may be used continually but do not have to be used every day. While it’s best to check the box for a manufacturer’s recommendation, you can also bring your whitening strips to your dentist for their advice.

Our Picks for the Best Whitening Strips

Pros: This brand of whitening strips has been around for decades and is a trusted product. The whitening strips are safe for your enamel so your teeth can stay strong and healthy as they get whiter. This bulk pack includes two sets of twenty regular treatments plus four express treatments, accelerating results in just one day. Each type of white strip uses Advanced Seal Technology, so they’ll stay in place for 30 minutes or one hour while you talk, smile, and even drink water.

Cons: They can cause mild sensitivity, so some people consider changing to toothpaste for sensitivity during use.

Bottom Line: These whitestrips have helped consumers easily create a white smile for decades. Since the strips feature Advanced Seal Technology, you can continue your daily routine while whitening.


Pros: Natural ingredients help remove stains from your teeth without causing sensitivity. The enamel-safe ingredients will help keep your teeth strong and healthy while you whiten. Each strip features Advanced Grip Technology, so you can easily talk and drink water while wearing the strips for a 30-minute duration. These whitening strips come in 10 flavors, from minty to fruity.

Cons: The whiteness may not last as long as others after you stop using the strips.

Bottom Line: For those worried about sensitivity, these whitening strips are made with natural ingredients to be gentler on your gums. The enamel-safe ingredients are more confidence boosters, and the Advanced Grip Technology makes these strips easy to use.


Pros: Not only do these whitening strips contain natural ingredients, but they also protect your mouth’s good bacteria while detoxifying the bad. These whitening strips are safe for your enamel and don’t contain any preservatives, dyes, flavorings, or additives. It comes with 14 strips total, making it a seven-day option.

Cons: They are not as easy to put on as other options and do not stay in place as well. One pack only includes seven days of treatment.

Bottom Line: The natural ingredients, including essential oils, are effective whitening agents with these strips. You know you’ll do your mouth some good with this quality, purposeful product.


Pros: Formulated with gentle and enamel-safe ingredients, these whitening strips are high-performance even though they cost the least. The strips have a strong seal to let you wear them while drinking, talking, and going about your day. You can decide to wear them for 30 to 120 minutes, depending on how much of a whitening job you have. The strips use a 6% peroxide formula to deliver bright results without causing sensitivity. Each pack includes 28 strips, or 14 days, of treatment.

Cons: They stick very well to the teeth, making them hard to take off.

Bottom Line: You can feel confident that their enamel-safe ingredients whiten your teeth without causing sensitivity. While it’s recommended to do a 14-day treatment for best results, you can choose whether you wear them for 30 or 120 minutes per day.


Pros: Get a brighter smile in only a matter of days. This pack of whitestrips includes 12 days of treatments, and in that time, you can easily whiten your teeth while going about your daily routine. The Advanced Seal Technology helps the strips stay in place while you talk, drink, or do other activities. This pack includes 24 whitestrips: 10 days of regular strips for top and bottom teeth and two days of 1-hour express treatments for top and bottom teeth. You can feel confident that while you whiten your teeth, the enamel-safe ingredients are only removing stains but keeping your teeth healthy and strong.

Cons: These whitestrips may cause sensitivity.

Bottom Line: In less than two weeks, you can expect whiter teeth, thanks to the regular and express treatment strips. The enamel-safe ingredients whiten teeth, while the Advanced Seal Technology keeps the strips in place.

Final Thoughts

Say goodbye to dull or yellowing teeth with the convenient option of whitening strips—from those that are budget-friendly to those that use natural ingredients. Even if you’ve never tried them before or you’re a long-time wearer wanting a new pair, you can find a set that helps you achieve a whiter smile.

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