The Best Wedding Veils for Your Big Day

a bride in a robe and her veil looking out a window

Few things make you look and feel more like a bride than a wedding veil! Brides have worn them for centuries, and whether you’re planning to wear one out of tradition or because you love the look, there are countless styles to choose from.

We’ve gathered together the best wedding veils, from boho-inspired styles to long cathedral veils. Read on to see them!

Purchasing a Wedding Veil

Once symbolizing purity and obedience, wedding veils are now much more optional and are only used by brides who wish to wear them. Covering the face until presented to the groom, there is not much to consider when purchasing a wedding veil, other than what you love! A few important things to consider are:

  • How will it attach to your hair? Be it a clip, a pin, or a headband, make sure it is comfortable to wear and will work with your wedding day hairstyle.
  • How long is it? The length you choose will come down to personal preference. A short veil will show off more of your dress, while a long veil can make a stunning statement as you walk.
  • What is it made of? Veils are generally made from a mesh-like fabric since they are see-through and delicate. Just be sure that it doesn’t irritate your skin and that it lays the way you want it to.
  • Anything extra? Some wedding veils will have additional design elements, such as embroidered flowers or small pearls attached. If you love details or bling, find a veil to show that off.
  • Will it match your dress? Ultimately, you’ll want to be sure the veil goes well with your dress! Be sure the shade is right and that any embellishments like pearls or lace match.

Most Popular: Nanchor Simple Bridal Veil

two brides wearing wedding gowns and a white veil with a satin edge that goes down to the waist

This wedding veil is available in multiple colors and features satin edges for a subtle highlight that can match perfectly with just about any wedding dress. There is a small comb for easy pinning, and the classic style is ideal for your big day while also being great for bridal parties, showers, cosplays, even a first communion.

Best Cathedral Style: Barogirl Cathedral Wedding Veil

double pictures bride in cathedral veil and wedding dress in field

Available in multiple colors, styles, and cuts, this gorgeous veil is 188 inches long and 63 inches wide for a simple yet stunning addition to your dress. It’s made of soft tulle with a raw cut and is hand-sewn onto the metal comb for a durable and flawless appearance. This veil can be worn with a flower crown or all on its own.

Best Lace: EllieHouse Women’s Two-Tier Wedding Veil

back view of bride displaying wedding veil with patterned floral lace edges

This two-tiered veil offers a wide range of options to help you find the one just right for you. It can even be custom-made to fit your preference. The fingertip length allows for easy and comfortable wear throughout your big day, from the ceremony to the cocktail hour to the reception. It is great for indoor or outdoor weddings and is made of soft Swiss tulle that is flowy but will not easily wrinkle. The metal comb is carefully sewn onto the veil, and the first tier can easily lift over to cover your face.

Best Boho Style: xo, Fetti Boho Flower Crown Veil

brunette model in peach dress wearing boho veil with white flower band

This veil has a fun boho design that can be worn on the wedding day by the bride or the flower girl. It features a built-in flower crown with multiple 2-inch white flowers attached to an elastic band and a double-edged cascading veil on the back. It can easily be ironed to remove any wrinkles for a perfect look and can even be worn for an engagement party or a bridal shower.

Best Tiered: Korty Three-Tier Wedding Veil

a bride in her gown and a three-tiered veil that goes to the waist

This veil features three tiers that are 100% polyester illusion tulle sewn to a plastic comb. It is easy to wear and clean, making it a great accessory for almost any bride! The ribbon edges uniquely curve and form gorgeous cascades, and the pearl embellishments add romantic highlights.

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