The Best Water Flossers

A young woman using a water flosser in front of a bathroom mirror.

If you think water flossers have to be something used at the dentist only, think again. Water flossers have been available to use at home for years now, but as dental hygiene continues to grow in consumer focus, the comforts and effectiveness of these tools have improved. Adding water flossing to your dental hygiene routine can help you achieve healthier gums and teeth, especially if traditional flossing is hard for you to maintain. Check out these water flossers that we think are worth the buy.

Buying Guide for Water Flossers

A young woman with braces uses a water flosser on her teeth.

Why should you buy a water flosser?

Flossing is a crucial step in the dental hygiene routine, but traditional flossing can be time-consuming, tricky, and sometimes even painful. Floss can also be especially hard to use in a crowded mouth or one with braces. A water flosser can get into the tiny spaces between your teeth and around braces much easier. For many people, it’s also a more comfortable option for removing food particles and plaque than traditional floss or floss picks.

What should you consider when shopping for a water flosser?

  • Water Pressure: Water flossing can be hard on sensitive teeth and gums. A water flosser that has varying levels of water pressure can help everyone get an effective and comfortable clean.
  • Nozzle Heads: Water flosser nozzles can come with the standard jet tip head, but some models include a variety of heads to clean orthodontia and your tongue. Some water flossers also include a few heads, so multiple people can use the flosser but have their own nozzle.
  • Portability: Some water flossers have a cord connected to a tank that can sit on your bathroom countertop. While these still have a smaller footprint, they are larger than handheld options. If you’re someone who would want to bring your water flosser with you to work or on trips, you’ll want to consider one that is easy to tote around. With more consideration about traveling, many handheld options come with a travel bag as well.

How do you care for a water flosser?

One of the most important things to do in terms of care and maintenance is to keep your water flosser from becoming mildewy or moldy. If there is water left over in the water tank of your flosser, it’s best to dump it (maybe your indoor flower needs a drink) and leave the tank out to dry until your next use. Water flossers that have water lines (countertop models) should also have their lines emptied after every use. It’s also OK to use mouthwash inside the tank. For maintenance, you can run one session (straight into the sink) with white vinegar.

Our Picks for the Best Water Flossers

Pros: Encouraging kids to floss might be easier if they get to use this water flosser. Kids can decide between normal, soft, and pulsing modes. With four different heads, you can let each member of the family have their own head to stay hygienic. The ultra-fine stream of water makes it easy to get out bits of food and plaque for crowded teeth, growing teeth, and braces. The nozzle is angled and can rotate, making it easy to get hard-to-reach places. It is a rechargeable water flosser, so you won’t have to worry about replacing batteries. The whole system comes with a travel bag to make it easy to pack.

Cons: Even with a larger tank on this handheld water flosser, it may need to be refilled to completely clean your mouth. The soft mode is still pretty powerful and may be uncomfortable for sensitive users. Lukewarm water can help solve this issue.

Bottom Line: The convenience of this water flosser can help almost anyone improve their dental hygiene, but this Aquasonic Aqua Flosser is particularly helpful for kids with its angled nozzle and three power modes. If you’re very attentive and precise with your cleaning, you may have to refill the 150-milliliter tank at least once to finish the job.


Pros: If you travel a lot, this water flosser is perfect for you. Its design packs smart functionality into a tool smaller than a standard smartphone. The water tank slides down during use but can slide up for storage and transport. The water flosser includes four different flossing heads for specialized care, and it features three different modes for a customizable clean. Choose from soft pressure for sensitive teeth, strong pressure for those who can tolerate a heavy-duty clean, and a pulsing mode. Each head can rotate completely to reach the entire mouth. The water flosser comes with a convenient carrying case for packing in your bag.

Cons: The compact nature of this water flosser means you might have to refill the tank more than once to completely clean your mouth.

Bottom Line: If you want to keep up on your oral hygiene outside your home, this is the water flosser for you. Easily pack it in your bag, and don’t worry about always having the charger since it lasts for 60 uses on a full charge. Its four heads and three power modes mean you get specialized care. The water tank is easy to clean and refill, which is nice considering you will most likely have to refill it at least once to floss your entire mouth.


Pros: This countertop water flosser has a 15-ounce tank that can be removed and washed on the top level of your dishwasher, which makes cleaning easy. The tank can also invert over the rest of the appliance to make it even more compact and keep debris out. There are three pressure settings for your kids to find the one that feels most comfortable and still effectively cleans between the teeth and along the gum line. This flosser comes with two tips that are meant for children. One is a classic tip, and one is designed to clean out orthodontia. It comes with fun decals for your kids to personalize it.

Cons: It will take a small amount of extra maintenance to keep this clean because of the water line. This water flosser is not as portable since it has a cord and needs to be set on a countertop to use.

Bottom Line: Your child can have a comfortable and still effective flossing experience using this water flosser with two nozzle designs and three pressure modes. For those with sensitive teeth, feel free to fill the tank with lukewarm water to make it a more pleasant experience. Even though this is a countertop design, it doesn’t take up much space in your kids’ bathroom.


Pros: This corded electric water flosser comes with a 22-ounce tank that fits nicely on the countertop during use. The flossing system has 10 modes for customized pressure and cleaning to fit your needs while feeling comfortable. It comes with seven tips for specialized cleaning and can easily accommodate multiple users. In addition to a timer to limit overuse, it has a pacer that will help you stay on track to clean your entire mouth within the one-minute timer.

Cons: This flosser is more expensive than the other options listed. It is less portable and lacks the space-saving design of its kids’ version. It will take a small amount of extra maintenance to keep this clean because of the water line. Plus, it can be loud when running.

Bottom Line: Keeping your teeth, gums, and mouth healthy can be a totally customized experience with this water flosser. Choose your favorite mode and nozzle head to help you clean every nook and cranny in your smile. This professional-grade, highly rated appliance is great for long-term and family use.


Pros: Add some fun to your dental hygiene routine with this colorful water flosser. It has three pressure modes for a comfortable clean and comes with five nozzles. Choose between normal, soft, and pulsing for a comfortable experience. Each nozzle head can rotate to clean hard-to-reach places in your mouth, and the set even includes a tongue cleaner. This water flosser comes with a bag to keep everything in while traveling. The water tank is 250 milliliters, which should hold enough water to clean your entire mouth before having to refill it. It also has a two-minute timer to help you avoid overuse. A full charge on this water flosser can last for 30 days.

Cons: The colors of this water flosser are feminine, maybe turning off the male user. The rubber cover to the charging port is not hinged or attached to the flosser, making it easy to lose.

Bottom Line: If you’re into the pink, blue, and green hues, this water flosser has a lot to offer. With a traveling case, you can easily take your flosser and any of the five nozzles with you to keep your mouth fresh and healthy. The water tank holds enough water to last for one full-mouth clean with a two-minute timer. By sticking to the two minutes for each use, a full charge on the water flosser can last for approximately 30 days.

Final Thoughts

If traditional flossing is either too uncomfortable for your teeth or just too hard for you to follow through with, a water flosser can be a great solution to help you achieve a healthier mouth.

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