The Best Watch Winder for Keeping Watches Ready to Go

On the left, a wooden box holding six watches. In the center, and orange winder displaying a silver watch. On the right, a black watch winder sits next to a laptop.

When it comes to keeping automatic watches on time, watch winders are a great investment. Typically designed for one or multiple watches, winders are a stylish and useful feature for watch collectors and connoisseurs.

Choosing the right watch winder is very important, as the wrong one can cause extra wear and tear to your watch. Below, we have gathered up the best watch winders to help keep your watch running at its best.

Purchasing Watch Winders

Choosing the right watch winder is no easy task, as there are several key components to keep in mind before you purchase one. When searching for your ideal winder, consider these factors:

  • Turns Per Day: A good watch winder will allow for the TPD to be meticulously set. Correct TPD with help maintain watch caliber, regardless of what caliber the watch has.
  • Winding Motor: The motor should be able to spin clockwise, counterclockwise, as well as bidirectional. A watch winder should have a feature that winds the watch until fully wound and then know when to give the watch a “rest” as if it were being worn to avoid overwinding the mechanisms. This prevents premature deterioration of the inner mechanisms, giving you a long-lasting watch.
  • Straps: The straps should be able to fit a variety of watches without damage. Before purchasing your winder, measure your watch length to ensure that it will fit the circumference of the winder.
  • Storage: If you have a variety of watches, then having a safe place to store them is a great additional feature.

Top Choice: AOKELILY Automatic Single Watch Winder

Two views of a leather watch winder closed and opened to reveal a grey interior and inner pillow.

Made of high-grade PU leather, this watch winder has a premium appearance with a soft interior to protect your watches. The pillow in the middle is adjustable to fit a variety of band sizes. The motor itself has been upgraded with increased speed as well as a quiet operation. It operates in all directions — clockwise, counterclockwise, and bidirectional — and runs with a turn and rest pattern to make sure your watch keeps running. It is conveniently powered with an AC adapter or batteries, allowing you to use this watch winder at home or on the go.

Best Simple Design: Versa Automatic Single Watch Winder

A front and back view of a small black watch winder that has a rounded shape.

This handmade watch winder features zero magnetization and is designed to never continuously turn and overwind your watch. The power adapter is included with the winder, and the spring action pillow has an additional attachment for holding larger watches. The unique design of this watch winder showcases your watch in an ultra-modern fashion that will fit into any decor.

Most Versatile: TRIPLE TREE Single Watch Winder for Automatic Watches

On the left, a closed winder with a grey exterior holding a silver watch. On the right, the winder opened to expose the beige interior.

This solid wood watch winder is available in multiple finishes and has clear acrylic glass for a deluxe appearance. Operating with a Japanese Mabuchi Motor, the box is quiet and can be powered by both adaptors and batteries. The pillow is soft and flexible to allow for different watch sizes, and the smaller design of the box makes it ideal for use both at home and on the go.

Best with Extra Storage: JQUEEN Six Automatic Watch Winder

An opened wooden watch winder box that holds multiple watches inside.

This large winder has been upgraded with a five program setting to wind your watch just right. It is available in multiple sizes with various finishes and a different number of places for watches to be stored. The motor offers three direction settings — clockwise, counterclockwise, and alternating — as well as multiple turns-per-day settings.

Best Design: MOZSLY Single Watch Winder

An orange and black watch winder box with glass front removed and pillow displayed.

This watch winder is made of PU leather and clear acrylic glass to create a contemporary look. Using a Japanese Mabuchi motor along with a gearbox, the operation is extremely quiet, allowing you to put it almost anywhere, from the office to your living room to the bedroom. There are multiple turns per day settings and three operational directions. This winder box can also be operated by AC power or batteries, so you know your watch will always be perfectly wound when you reach for it. Designed to fit most watches, it comes with two pillows that are suitable for most men’s and woman’s watches.

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