The Best Visors for Women

A smiling brunette woman wears a floppy straw sun visor in her garden.

Offering UV protection, shading from the sun, and less unsightly sweat than a hat, a visor is great to keep tucked away for the warmer seasons. Even if you’re not sporty, there’s a visor out there for you. We’ve done the research and found a variety of women’s visors to suit just about any style.

Buying Guide for Visors for Women

Woman playing tennis wearing a visor

Why buy a visor for women?

If you want to look cute while protecting yourself from the sun, consider buying a visor. Visors are a great item to have on hand for picnics, beach outings, golf games, or midday runs. They allow you to keep your hair up and out of the way while wearing something to shade your face. There are styles available to fit every personality and style, too.

What should you consider in a visor for women?

  • Fit: Different visors have different fits. Some come in a variety of sizes, while others have stretch, ties, or a flexible clip to fit perfectly. Before searching for the perfect women’s visor or hat, it’s a good idea to take a quick measurement of your head where you would like your new accessory to sit.
  • Sweat Protection: If you’re in the market for a sporty visor, it’s good to have some built-in sweat protection. Whether it’s a built-in sweatband or a thick cotton rim, sweatproof visors do a great job of keeping sweat at bay while you’re playing tennis, golfing, or just out and about in some extreme heat.
  • Washability: Did you know you can easily clean a straw hat or visor with mild soap and water? You can also clean most cotton or polyester visors in your washing machine on the gentle cycle, then air-dry them. While these cleaning principles apply to most visors, it’s wise to read the cleaning and care instructions before buying your new visor.

Will a visor stain from sweat?

It depends. Less expensive cotton/poly blend visors can be soaked immediately in mild detergent and cool water to help release or prevent stains. However, certain fabrics may stain even if the item is cared for properly. If you’re worried about sweat stains, it may be a good idea to purchase a visor with a built-in sweat guard, a straw visor, or other breathable materials.

Our Picks for the Best Visors for Women

Pros: The extra-large brim on this visor is extremely effective in keeping the sun out of your face. People who take certain medications or are prone to severe burns will love this visor for exactly that reason. It comes in a few colors to fit your style, and the Velcro strap ensures that the one size will fit most, if not all. It’s made of 100% cotton for comfort.

Cons: Longer hair may catch on the Velcro and cause some discomfort.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for ultimate sun protection, this is the women’s visor for you. It’s cost-effective, washable, breathable, and comfortable.


Pros: One of the best things about this visor for women is that it’s machine washable. It has a built-in sweatband and an attractive curved bill. It’s ideal for sports or athleisure. Plus, this visor is so affordable that you can buy one in all of your favorite colors.

Cons: The sizing of this visor runs large.

Bottom Line: This simple athletic visor does the job well. In terms of washability and durability, this visor is a fantastic value. And the secure closure in the back means it won’t slip or fall off even during the most vigorous activities.


Pros: The adjustable band in this visor is made to form the perfect fit and comfort for you. Plus, the sweat band keeps dribbling sweat out of your face during sunny activities. The bill is long and wide enough to keep damaging sun rays off your face and your ears.

Cons: The thick material makes this visor a little heavier than others.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a pop of color, sweat protection, and UV ray elimination in a women’s visor, this may be the one for you. It slides on from the front and is machine washable for your convenience.


Pros: The best part of this cute straw visor is that it’s completely portable. All you need to do is roll it up and go. It’s wide enough to offer some sun protection to your shoulders as well as your face. And it comes in several luxe colors.

Cons: The natural straw weave leaves small holes for sun penetration.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a cute and wide straw visor, this is a fantastic option. It’s made to stay in place with a cute bow covering the adjustable Velcro closure. It’s adjustable, so one size fits most.


Pros: First of all, this visor is incredibly cute. The bow at the back adds a touch of femininity that many other sporty visors don’t offer. It’s easy to wash by hand, eliminating any stains that might occur. Plus, the color options are bright and trendy.

Cons: This visor runs a little small.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for excellent sun protection and comfort, this women’s visor is a great option for you. It has a larger size bill for extra protection around the neck and shoulders. Plus, it has an SPF 50+ rating.

Final Thoughts

Women’s visors make excellent additions to sunny days outside. Whether you want an athletic one for golf or tennis or a cute one for a day at the beach, check out our top picks for women’s visors.

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