The Best Under-Eye Patches

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Shopping for the most effective skincare solutions—like natural, non-irritating eye masks— can be a pain, especially with all the 10-syllable ingredients and flashy marketing. So, which brands and products really are the best? We did the research and found some promising, proven under-eye patches that can help reverse the appearance of aging and reduce dark circles and inflammation.

Buying Guide for Under-Eye Patches

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Why buy under-eye patches?

Buy under-eye patches for the same reason you invest in other skincare products—to thank your skin, the body’s largest organ and one that is especially susceptible to environmental factors like pollution and sun exposure. Or maybe you don’t get the quality sleep you need, and it’s showing around your eyes. A pair of gentle, hydrating, vitamin-filled under-eye patches can help soften wrinkles, brighten dull, tired skin, and even out discoloration to lessen the appearance of aging.

What should you look for in under-eye patches?

  • Ingredients: Like many skincare products on the market, the first ingredients listed on the packaging usually tell us about the quality of the product. For example, if an under-eye mask lists vitamin A, retinol, and caffeine as its first ingredients, it’s likely those active ingredients make up the bulk of the product, which is great since these are some of the most important features of a quality eye mask. Also be on the lookout for products that contain collagen, root extracts, and vitamin E, and stay away from eye masks that list alcohol, parabens, peroxide, artificial dyes, and synthetic colors.

Do under-eye patches really work?

Yes! Dermatologists and skincare gurus today encourage using a gentle, quality eye mask daily to keep your sensitive eye area hydrated, which is key to more supple, younger-looking skin. And because grade-A under-eye patches are packed with natural ingredients already produced by our bodies, a few sittings a week will help your skin soak up these active ingredients and repair aging cells and dehydration that lead to dark circles, fine lines, and puffiness.

Our Picks for the Best Under-Eye Patches

Pros: These travel-size genuine 24K-gold eye masks packed with hyaluronic acid, tea tree oil, and collagen rejuvenate the skin around tired eyes, leaving you with brighter, glowing skin. Gurus from Elle, BuzzFeed, and Bustle agree. According to experts, gold can help calm skin inflammation and reduce puffiness, tighten and brighten skin, boost elasticity, and even out discoloration, making these mini masks an all-in-one treatment. They’re also ultra-refreshing after some time in the fridge, and the cold further helps with puffiness. Dermora patches show results in as early as seven days when you use them for 20 minutes three to four times a week. And they’re gentle enough for mildly-to-moderately sensitive skin.

Cons: These guys are slippery and tricky to maneuver because they’re soaked in a messy serum. It’ll take a few minutes for the serum to absorb into your skin and allow the gel mask to stick better. Be careful as you open the little packets; serum can splash!

Bottom Line: Dermora 24K-gold under-eye patches are highly effective, gentle, and full of natural ingredients proven to help brighten and tone the sensitive skin under your eyes. There aren’t many downsides; as long as you don’t mind fighting a small, slimy gel sheet for 10 seconds, the results are worth the mess.


Pros: These Biorica dual-action under-eye patches for sensitive skin offer unique benefits, depending on which color you choose. The blue masks boost collagen to help smooth fine lines and lighten dark circles, and the pink ones feature carrageenan (Irish moss seaweed extract) to increase elasticity and strengthen the skin’s ability to block out impurities, all of which are focal points of quality anti-aging skincare products. Off the bat, you should notice an incredible difference in hydration levels with both colors, as the patches leave under-eyes feeling lighter, brighter, and tighter in a single 30-minute use. After all, hydration is a remedy for puffy, inflamed skin. If you have combination needs (puffy eyes, black circles, and fine lines), switch up the colors weekly or bi-weekly to experience the full effect of each patch.

Cons: This mask doesn’t adhere to your face as well as some others. You might have to lie down to de-wrinkle and un-puff your skin; maybe apply your patches and catch up on an episode of your favorite binge-worthy show.

Bottom Line: These are effective, quality patches that meet a number of under-eye demands. Whether you’re looking to reduce the look of tired, puffy eyes or want to soften unwanted lines (like crow’s feet), you can do both with Biorica dual-action patches. They’re gentle on skin and will motivate you to take 30 minutes out of your busy day to care for your skin.


Pros: There’s a reason why these under-eye patches are a tad pricier. Water Drench formula by Peter Thomas Roth, a skincare specialist from a family of Hungarian spa experts, is a unique combo of hyaluronic acid, marshmallow root extract, and caffeine. Hyaluronic acid alone is a skin thirst-quencher, as it can retain up to 1,000 times its molecules’ weight in water. Follow that up with marshmallow root (a natural skin-softening agent) and caffeine, the all-popular, anti-puffiness stimulant, and your under-eyes are in for a long-lasting treat. These silky, luxurious-feeling masks gently and seemingly instantly smooth the appearance of fine lines, crow’s feet, and dark circles.

Cons: If you have a diagnosed skin condition or extremely sensitive skin, talk with your doctor or dermatologist before adding Water Drench masks to your weekly routine. You also might want to allergy test a portion of the patch before applying it to your entire face; better to be safe than sorry, especially with your skin.

Bottom Line: Peter Thomas Roth is a trusted beauty brand with nearly two decades of experience in skin care, so it’s a safe, quality choice when it comes to treating under-eyes, an area that’s quick to show aging and environmental stress. It’s full of natural, gentle ingredients that offer future-proof hydration and softer, more supple skin.


Pros: These mini, sticky, 100% natural masks by Suprance deliver full under-eye coverage. They’re soft, cool to the touch, and gently adhere to your face to preserve your fragile under-eye area. With main ingredients like green tea extract, vegan-based collagen, anti-aging hyaluronic acid (naturally found in our bodies), and vitamin E, it’s really the ideal blend to help relieve dark circles, bags, puffiness, and inflammation. These little, polyphenol-rich masks also reduce redness and minor signs of aging, like crow’s feet. They’ll leave you feeling cool and invigorated after a 15- to 20-minute session, and their ingredients are gentle enough for daily use, unlike other chemical-heavy masks. Leave them in the fridge for an extra refreshing experience!

Cons: Though fun to touch, the gel-like strips are slippery and oddly shaped, making them awkward to handle and place; you’ll probably have a better experience lying down. If you have sensitive skin, the area beneath your eyes is that much more fragile, and some eye masks may irritate it. Before applying to both eyes, test a strip under one, and if you feel any discomfort, remove it immediately.

Bottom Line: A gentle, all-natural product with healing powers? Yes, please. Just remember to test a strip first. If your skin agrees, you’re in for some sweet you-time that should result in brighter, tighter skin under and around the eyes after consistent use. Simply wash your face, dry, and apply—the ingredients will do the rest.


Pros: If eye bags are your biggest concern, these collagen eye masks from LA PURE contain grape- and rose-seed extracts to promote calm, moist skin and reduce inflammation that aids in saggy skin under the eyes. Pair those with added plant collagen and hyaluronic acid, and you have a highly effective treatment for eye bags that can help fight signs of aging and evidence of poor sleep, inefficient nutrients, or smoking. These mini masks will also help diminish the appearance of shallow lines and wrinkles while they brighten discolored, baggy skin for an all-in-one solution. They’re safe to use two to three times a week for 20 to 30 minutes at a time and followed up by your favorite moisturizer to lock in the hydration. Stick these puppies in the fridge for an extra cool experience.

Cons: This is another product that may require you to lie down and relax when in use (or maybe until some of the liquid has been absorbed), as the serum-soaked gel patches are slippery and don’t offer as much traction as other brands. They’re also on the thin side, so handle them carefully to avoid tearing the masks when applying.

Bottom Line: Pack your eye bags and get them a one-way ticket because (hopefully) they’re gone for good. With this mix of collagen, hyaluronic acid, and natural extracts, you should see a noticeable difference around your eyes within two weeks.

Final Thoughts

Stress, aging, and environmental factors are constantly working against our skin, and it’s difficult to find gentle products that actually work. If you’re missing under-eye care in your current skincare routine, it’s time to treat your hardworking eyes with a proven, high-quality product that will help restore the delicate area and maintain bright, supple skin. Depending on your skin’s demands, we think you’ll find your favorite solution in one of these options.

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