The Best Two-Piece Outfits for Women

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Buying Guide for Two-Piece Outfits for Women

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Why buy a two-piece outfit?

Two-piece outfits can be some of the easiest options to keep in your wardrobe. Since they’re designed to be coordinated separates, you don’t have to worry about finding the right accompanying articles of clothing to go with them. They can make getting dressed so much easier. Plus, they create a finished effect without the hassle. And if you don’t want to wear them together, you can still mix and match them with other favorite closet staples.

What should you consider when shopping for a two-piece outfit?

  • Style: A two-piece can refer to a wide range of styles as long as it has two coordinated separates that are sold as one outfit. So, that means you could get a two-piece that comes with shorts, pants, or a skirt. Likewise, the top could range from a tank to a short-sleeve or long-sleeve shirt.
  • Design: Because a two-piece set can be so versatile, there’s no limit to what it might involve. Keep in mind that suit sets (a jacket with matching pants or skirt) also fall under the two-piece category. But these can be conservative ensembles or styles that are more modern or better reserved for a date night.
  • Material: Depending on where you plan on wearing a two-piece outfit, you’ll want to think about the material. While more structured fabrics might make sense for the office or even formal affairs, stretchy and breathable fabrics are ideal for casual settings.

Can a two-piece outfit be worn to a formal event?

This is going to depend on the style. Two-pieces can also include two-piece formal dresses with long skirts and matching tops made from high-quality material, so these could be a good option for some formal events, like dances or weddings. While our roundup focuses more on casual selections, there’s no reason you can’t find two-pieces that will work for professional and formal attire.

Our Picks for the Best Two-Piece Outfits for Women

Pros: Whether you’re heading to an all-inclusive resort or simply hitting South Beach, this fun two-piece is the perfect way to channel those unbothered vacation vibes. This outfit pairs a short sleeve v-neck crop top that has a tie-back design with a sultry maxi-length skirt featuring a high asymmetrical front slit. Choose from a wide range of vibrant patterns.

Cons: The most common concern we noted was that the front slit on the skirt might be a bit high. You might want to wear some biker shorts underneath to avoid any embarrassing events. Others noted that the top could be a bit small, especially if you have a fuller cup size.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking to set up the perfect vacation wardrobe, it won’t be complete without this two-piece set. However, be aware that you might want to bring the right undergarments for the high front slit.


Pros: Two-pieces don’t always have to be flowy or lounge styles that can double as pajamas. If you want a more fashion-forward look, this form-fitting two-piece from SweatyRocks is the perfect way to show a bit of skin while still being appropriate for most casual settings. Whether you actually wear it to the gym—or just want to look like you do—this is the perfect outfit for styling and profiling.

Cons: Considering that this falls under the athleisure category, you would hope there would be pockets. Sadly, there aren’t. Additionally, the fabric can be somewhat see-through, so be mindful of your undergarment selections.

Bottom Line: This fun athleisure-inspired look is the perfect way to look sporty without having to break a sweat. The cropped top and body-hugging leggings are perfect for the gym or hanging around town. Just note that there are no pockets, and the fabric is a bit see-through during movement.


Pros: Sometimes, you want something comfy for lounging but that’s also presentable if you need to leave the house. This two-piece set is the perfect solution. While it features a relaxed fit and pants with pockets, you can still head to the grocery store for a gallon of milk without looking like you fell out of bed.

Cons: The most common complaint we noted with this set was that the material has a tendency to pill when washed. While this may not be a deal-breaker for those who own a fabric shaver, it can be a nuisance for others.

Bottom Line: Comfort and fashion combine with this two-piece set that’s cozy enough for your couch but presentable enough that you can leave the house in it. Just be sure to wash it in a separate laundry bag to minimize pilling.


Pros: Who says you can’t be stylish even when you’re working out? This simple set features a casual short-sleeve top and biker shorts that are above the knee. It’s available in a wide range of colors, and you’ll love the stretchy, breathable material.

Cons: Note that this material is polyester and not cotton. While that may not be a deal-breaker for many, not everyone likes polyester.

Bottom Line: There’s no reason not to look good whether you’re just running around town or hitting the gym. This two-piece features comfy biker shorts and a casual fit top.


Pros: Two-pieces can genuinely be worn any time of year. And if you’re heading into cooler weather, this ribbed sweater two-piece is perfect and comes with pockets. It’s available in a wide range of colors, and the soft material and comfy fit feature ribbed cuffs at the wrists and ankles.

Cons: While the product description highlights a ribbed material, many people noted that it was more of a thermal. Additionally, some people noted that while it is machine washable, it has a tendency to pill.

Bottom Line: This is a solid choice for a casual outfit that’s perfect for long travel days, lounging around the house, or spending the day in town.

Final Thoughts

Two-pieces are fantastic go-to’s in your wardrobe. They make getting dressed in the morning much easier, and these picks will serve you well.

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