The Best Trench Coats for Women

A young woman wears a khaki trench coat over a sweater outside.

Whether you want to dress your look up or down, trench coats can be a fantastic option. These coats originally got their name from the coats that military soldiers wore in the trenches of WWI—coats that were durable, comfortable, water-resistant, practical, and put-together. Over 100 years later, the coats are still in style. Most trench coats have a signature double-breasted button appearance and belt at the waist. Here are some fantastic trench coats we recommend.

Buying Guide for Women’s Trench Coats

A woman in a red trench coat stands on a dock and looks out at a pond in cold weather.

Why buy a trench coat?

Trench coats are a fantastic layering piece and are suitable for most body types. They look great in many styles, scenarios, and seasons. Trench coats look good on nearly everyone and pair well with party dresses and heels or with your favorite jeans, top, and boots. If you don’t have a trench coat you love, your closet is lacking a stellar staple piece.

What should you look for in a trench coat?

Here’s what you should consider before buying a trench coat:

  • Length: Trench coats usually come in thigh, knee, and ankle lengths, so consider your height, preference, and the type of shoes and outfits you’d typically wear with it. Shorter trench coats are great for petite and curvy women to help define their body shape. Medium-length trench coats are a great in-between choice and look flattering on most body types. Longer trench coats offer a more dramatic look and more coverage for those who want more warmth.
  • Silhouette: Typically, trench coats have either a single- or double-breasted front; some are even buttonless. The double-breasted look will fasten more securely and provide more warmth. Single-breasted or buttonless options will be quick to put on and might provide a slimmer look.
  • Colors & Fabrics: There are a plethora of color options for trench coats, so consider the type of material you prefer to wear and if it’s machine washable or if it will need to be dry cleaned. Solid colors are timeless and easy to style with most wardrobes, while patterned coats might be harder to match to your clothes but will make a sweet statement.

How should you style a trench coat?

Trench coats can be dressed up or down, so they pair really well with office wear or your average pair of jeans and a top. They’re a great closet staple during almost every season since they layer over different outfits well to customize the level of warmth you need. Most trench coats have belts or ties at the waist to define your figure and keep your coat snug, too.

Our Picks for the Best Trench Coats for Women

Pros: This lightweight trench coat is a classic choice that will go with most outfits. The jacket is waterproof and will protect you from light drizzles and windy conditions. This jacket is thoughtfully designed, with double-breasted buttons, a detachable buckle belt at the waist, and adjustable cuffs. It also features pockets to protect your hands while walking or to hold your keys.

Cons: This trench coat has a snug fit, so consider ordering up a size to accommodate for layering underneath. The sleeves may be too short for taller women.

Bottom Line: This is an amazing and classic trench coat for its price. It’s secure, waterproof, and exceptionally stylish.


Pros: This standard, mid-length trench coat has a classic design and is especially great for those looking for a waterproof coat. It’s also designed for wind protection, making it an excellent choice for less than fair weather days. It features a lightweight polyester shell with a double-breasted front flap to keep the wind out. The front has two pockets with a button enclosure to keep your keys, wallet, or phone safe. Features of this jacket include a straight-line hem, notched lapels, and decorative tabs on the cuff.

Cons: Some people have found that the arms have a tight fit despite the rest of the areas being sized right.

Bottom Line: This trench coat is breathable, affordable, and versatile. It’s great for layering and ideal for rainy weather.


Pros: If you’re hoping to stay super warm in your trench coat, this woolen one is a great option. Its unique, double-breasted, multi-layered design has faux fur around the collar for a chic and cozy look. It has hidden pockets, an adjustable waistband, and an A-line bottom silhouette. It’s great for both casual and dressy events.

Cons: This jacket has a slimmer fit, which may not work for everyone. It also might have more fabric or bulk on the bottom than you like.

Bottom Line: This wool trench coat features a unique design that’s great to wear to events. It will be a stylish, warm, and flattering option for many, and it comes in a lot of lovely colors.


Pros: This slim and comfortable trench coat is made with a wool blend fabric to keep it windproof and warm. Keep the elements out with the unique stand collar, a double-breasted front, buttoned cuffs, and a fabric belt.

Cons: You might want to size up. Since it is a blend of wool and polyester, it might not feel as soft as an entirely wool jacket.

Bottom Line: Although this jacket is a bit pricey, its elegant look makes it a fantastic splurge since you know it will keep you both stylish and warm. Plus, it comes in three colors that are easy to match to almost every outfit. It’s warm enough without additional warming layers underneath it.


Pros: This windproof, all-season trench coat is a unique choice for those looking for a statement jacket. The elegant design features a double-breasted closure, a notched shawl lapel collar, and a buckle strap at the collar. The coat is made from a mix of polyester, spandex, and viscose.

Cons: This coat doesn’t come in a wide range of sizes, and it fits very snugly. While it’s a windproof jacket, it’s not waterproof. The sleeves might be too short for some.

Bottom Line: This classy coat is a great option for those wanting a dressier and longer trench coat that can work for multi-season use. It’s a reasonably priced coat with a feminine fit.

Final Thoughts

Trench coats are a closet staple for many people, as they can be worn during multiple seasons. They’re incredibly practical jackets to own since they’re usually windproof and waterproof, layer well, and look great in casual and dressy settings.

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