The Best Trench Coats for Men

A man with a khaki trench coat on smiles as he walks around a city.

The trench coat, on the other hand, captures the best of both worlds. It’s featherlight while remaining protective and stylish without overdoing it. There’s a consistency to the trench coat that’s easy to admire; it’ll keep you comfy on most types of bad weather days. So, if you’re in the market for a must-have addition to your closet, then here are a few trench coats we think you should check out.

Buying Guide for Men’s Trench Coats

A man wearing glasses, a sweater, and a trench coat walks through a city while checking his phone.

Why should you buy a trench coat?

At the height of its use and popularity, the trench coat was built to protect British army officers from excessive downpour, which is still a fair reason to keep a trench coat handy. Moreover, their sleek design continues to allow users to move around with zero fuss. There are very few options that balance the protection and free-flowing appeal like the trench coat.

What should you look for in a trench coat?

Consider these factors when  you’re making your selection:

  • Material Construction: When finding the right fit for you, it’s important to consider the overall material used in a particular coat because of the tremendous impact it can have on your experience, for better and for worse. Ideally, you want your coat to be made from lightweight materials that allow for easy use throughout every season. Look to tightly woven materials, such as cotton, cotton blends, and gabardine. If you’re seeking a heightened degree of warmth, you can seek a wool choice, but those could be warmer than you actually want.
  • Detailing: A trench coat that features the correct fixtures is appealing, yes, but there’s also a great deal of support you get out of those classic staples. The pairing of a double-breasted button closure and belted waist allow you to adjust to your preferred protection, and the same can be said for the additional straps and belts sewed into the standard trench coat’s design. A wide-notched lapel and storm flap can also go a long way, as they prevent water from sliding into your coat after falling from your shoulders.
  • Color Variety: The original trench coat was designed in neutral, environmental colors so that officers could blend into their environment. You could stay respectable and follow suit for the workplace, or you could pick a fun color to make a statement.

Can trench coats be crafted from leather?

Yes. The leather trench coat is one of the most stylish, high-end forms it can take on. But is it practical? Not in the slightest bit. While a leather choice packs fashion sewn into every stitch, its downsides are glaring. Like other items made from supple leather, it is going to need yearly care, or you’ll risk letting moisture and grime settle. Speaking to the former, leather isn’t waterproof, and a continued function of the trench coat is protection from moderate downpour. So, you’ll be trading in practicality for style with an option made out of leather.

Our Picks for the Best Men’s Trench Coats

Pros: A traditional look wrapped up in a stripped-down and lightweight package, this trench coat for men is crafted from supremely minimal materials that still provide the necessary amount of defense. The standard fixings are here: a wrap-around belt, ornamental shoulder epaulets, sleeve straps, and a storm flap. This option includes a full torso and sleeve liner that can be removed to accommodate you at varying temperatures. It also features a detachable wool-blend collar for more severe weather days.

Cons: While staying true to the trench coat’s knack for lightweight convenience, this option may not hold a flame to those classics in its durability performance. While nylon makes up a majority of its construction, 46% of this coat is still dedicated to polyester material, which isn’t well-regarded for how its stands up over time. This coat also costs a pretty penny, so be prepared to dip into the rainy-day fund.

Bottom Line: A seminal piece of attire with style to spare, this London Fog Iconic Trench Coat is versatile enough to pair with various wardrobes and settings, whether it’s sunny with a hint of wind chills or drizzling all day long.


Pros: Another highly detailed look that sports a massively appealing fit, this trench coat brings a modern sensibility to the everyday coat. In contrast to the trench coats of yesteryear, this option is made from 100% polyester material, which means it’ll make for cozy wear across every inch of your torso. In regard to its fine points, this coat features a double-breasted button closure and full adjustable straps at the waist, wrist, and shoulders.

Cons: Of course, the downside to a coat made entirely from polyester is its propensity to take on damage in an assortment of ways that can limit how and where you use this coat. Polyester is known for offering ample water resistance, but if it’s untreated and caught in heavy rain, that ability won’t last you very long (spoiler: this coat’s polyester doesn’t feature a protective coating). Its slim cut can also cause a few issues, as the tighter fit may require some men to size up.

Bottom Line: If you’re after an option that embraces the timeless coat design while sprucing it up with a little contemporary tailoring, then this AOWOFS Trenchcoat is a solid choice that really captures the intricacies of owning a trench coat.


Pros: Seeking a choice that can handle the rain and snow? This trench coat provides you with a terrific amount of body coverage with one of the most dependable materials on the market. Whereas other options are better categorized as wool blends, this coat is crafted from a robust 80% wool material. The interior is a quilted polyester. So, while the exterior is built to take on the troubles of the day, the interior keeps you cool and comfortable.

Cons: This coat hinges on the durability of its outside warmth, leaving little else for you to tinker with. In total, there are just three pockets (two outside slants, one secret interior) built into its frame and a minimal color variety for you to choose from. Some users have also noted that the stitching holding each button can feel flimsy to the point of tearing if tugged too harshly.

Bottom Line: For men looking for a coat that can truly brave the frigid outdoors, this APTRO Full Length Trench Coat offers hearty wear that you shouldn’t have to replace anytime soon.


Pros: Loose-fitting and comfortably priced for the everyday buyer, here’s a trench coat that will easily find a place in your breezy day lineup. It’s made from a blend of cotton and polyester, amounting to a design that’s thin but appropriately protective. Like other standard coats, it features a double-breasted button-up closure, a notched lapel, and a belted waist to further lock in heat. It has a respectable selection of color choices, ranging from an office-friendly khaki to a daring army green.

Cons: You’ll find time and time again that a trench coat featuring polyester material is better suited for casual wear, and this choice is no exception. Its thin construction makes it an ideal choice for light winds, but for pours, snowfall, or other forms of cold weather, you may need to consider something with a bit more heft. This coat also stresses hand-wash-only treatment, so you’re going to need to set aside the time to carry out your cleaning with this one.

Bottom Line: This Gafeng Trench Coat is the park stroller’s choice, the kind of coat you can slide into when the morning’s leftover wind chills are still around but the sun’s beams are keeping them down.

Final Thoughts

The trench coat accomplishes what you need when the weather just won’t make up its mind. Too cold outside to wear a sweater? Not cold enough to break out the fluffy jacket? The trench coat is the one-and-done solution to these pains and more.

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