The Best Travel Toothbrushes

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Buying Guide for Travel Toothbrushes

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Why buy a travel toothbrush?

One of the primary reasons to buy a travel toothbrush is its compact and portable size. Unlike regular toothbrushes, which can be bulky and take up a lot of space in your luggage, travel toothbrushes are typically designed to be lightweight and small, making them easy to pack and carry with you. A compact travel toothbrush can easily fit into your bag without adding extra weight or taking up too much space.

Travel toothbrushes also tend to come with protective covers or cases. (Or individually wrapped in plastic, in the case of disposable models.) This helps to keep the bristles clean and hygienic, protecting them from dust, dirt, and bacteria that may be present in your luggage. It also provides a convenient way to safely store the toothbrush while you’re on the go.

What should you look for in a travel toothbrush?

  • Size: A good travel toothbrush should be compact and lightweight, making it easy to pack and carry with you. This is particularly important if you’re traveling with limited luggage space or if you’re carrying a backpack or purse. Look for a toothbrush that is small enough to fit into your bag without taking up too much space but large enough to effectively clean your teeth.
  • Bristles: The bristles of a travel toothbrush are another important factor to consider. Look for a toothbrush with soft, gentle bristles that won’t damage your teeth or irritate your gums. It’s also important to choose a toothbrush with bristles that are effective at removing plaque and food particles from your teeth.
  • Protective Cover: A good travel toothbrush should also come with a protective cover or case to keep it clean and hygienic while you’re on the move. Look for a toothbrush with a case that fits snugly over the head of the toothbrush, protecting the bristles from dust, dirt, and other bacteria that may be present in your luggage. Some toothbrushes may also have cases that can be used as stands or holders, which can be particularly convenient if you’re staying in a hotel or hostel and don’t want to place your toothbrush on a surface that may not be clean.

Can you buy an electric travel toothbrush?

Yes, there are electric toothbrushes that are designed to be travel-sized. Electric travel toothbrushes can be either rechargeable or battery-operated, and like their manual cousins, they typically come with a travel case or protective cover to keep them clean and hygienic. There are several different types of electric travel toothbrushes available on the market, ranging from basic models to more advanced options with additional features. Common examples of these sorts of features usually include collapsible handles or dual-voltage adapters or chargers that can be used in different countries. There are also some electric toothbrushes that are designed for both on-the-go and for daily use, though they’re generally bigger and bulkier than specifically travel-sized models.

Our Picks for the Best Travel Toothbrushes

Pros: These disposable travel toothbrushes from Brushee are much more versatile than most. Each piece in the set is a toothbrush, floss, and toothpick all in one, allowing you to maintain good overall oral hygiene and saving room in your suitcase or toiletry bag since you won’t have to pack separate floss. The bristles also come pre-pasted, so you don’t need water or extra toothpaste in order to give your teeth a quick cleansing. The soft bristles provide a comfortable brushing experience, and the prepasted mild and refreshing flavor leaves the mouth feeling fresh and clean. Each toothbrush comes individually wrapped, helping to ensure that each piece remains as clean and hygienic as possible until it’s time to be used. And never fear if you wear braces or Invisalign; these toothbrushes are compatible with both.

Cons: While these toothbrushes are a great option for on-the-go oral hygiene, keep in mind they aren’t eco-friendly due to their disposable nature and won’t completely replace a regular toothbrush and toothpaste routine. Some customers found the built-in toothpaste’s flavor to not be as strong or minty as they might prefer, while others thought it was too foamy or chalky, which may be a turnoff for some. The floss is also a bit on the delicate side and prone to breaking.

Bottom Line: Overall, this set of Brushee disposable toothbrushes provides a convenient and practical way to maintain oral hygiene while on the go. Their convenience, portability, and versatility make these brushes a popular choice for individuals who travel a lot and want to ensure that their teeth and gums stay healthy and clean.


Pros: Most notable about this set of reusable travel toothbrushes are the way each brush folds in on itself when not in use, which means they don’t need a separate cover or case to keep the heads safe and hygienic during travel. This also allows you to have a full-sized travel toothbrush that folds down to a compact, travel-friendly size. The toothbrushes come in several fun, cheery colors and offer great value for your money since you get three brushes per package. They’re also safe for use with braces or Invisalign and feature soft and comfortable bristles.

Cons: You may experience some issues with the bristles of these travel toothbrushes. They tend to fall apart or become misaligned due to their softness, while some found the bristles were too soft to clean their teeth effectively. Additionally, you may notice that the folding hinge tends to wiggle or bend during use, which may cause you to miss a few spots while brushing.

Bottom Line: These Lingito folding travel toothbrushes are convenient, compact, and come in cheerful colors. Even with the potential bristle issues, they’re a handy reusable option for those looking for a portable toothbrush to take on trips—especially for couples or families.


Pros: These Colgate mini travel toothbrushes are highly recommended for their convenience and effectiveness, especially for those with braces or aligners. Even users with chemical sensitivities have reported no issues or irritation from the pre-pasted brush, and the bristles are stronger and firmer than those of many travel toothbrushes. The added pick on the end allows you to scrape away any food debris, leaving your teeth cleaner and more comfortable before putting aligners back in. They’re also good for freshening up your mouth midday, after meals, or when there is no bathroom or sink around since you don’t have to rinse before, during, or after using one of these toothbrushes.

Cons: The main drawback of these toothbrushes are their environmental impact. As disposable products, they contribute to plastic waste, and it is not possible to recycle them. Additionally, some customers found the peppermint flavor to be too strong or intense and that the pick on the opposing end of the brush is not as effective as a separate dental floss for cleaning between teeth. Finally, while the toothbrushes do come prepasted, they’re not quite as effective as brushing with a regular toothbrush.

Bottom Line: These Colgate Max disposable mini travel toothbrushes are highly recommended for their convenience and effectiveness. They are great for on-the-go use, whether traveling or daily midday touch-ups. While not a substitute for full toothpaste and toothbrush cleaning, they’re handy for quick cleanings and freshening up.


Pros: The Quip electric toothbrush is easy on the gums and effective at removing plaque, as well as preventing and reducing gingivitis. The toothbrush features a two-minute timer and 30-second pulses, which helps users brush for the recommended amount of time and ensures even cleaning on all sides of the mouth. What makes it effective as a travel toothbrush is the included multi-use travel cover that can be mounted to mirrors, glass, and tile. It’s also slimmer and more compact than many electric toothbrushes without sacrificing effectiveness. Additionally, Quip offers an optional subscription service for replacement brush heads and batteries.

Cons: Some customers reported difficulties with the on/off button and the motor becoming less effective after extended use. Additionally, removing and replacing the head and/or batteries may prove tricky for some since the specific steps aren’t clearly laid out. There were also a few reports of the toothbrush turning on unexpectedly, which may be inconvenient or unsettling for some.

Bottom Line: The Quip toothbrush is a popular, battery-powered electric toothbrush that is much more effective than the average travel toothbrush. Though it may not be ideal for everyone’s specific preferences, it’s an overall simple and effective option for those looking to buy an effective electric travel toothbrush that isn’t too bulky.


Pros: These travel-friendly toothbrushes have extremely soft bristles, which make brushing comfortable and gentle; they were designed specifically for people with sensitive teeth and gums in mind. This also makes them an ideal option for other dental conditions, like receding gum lines or sensitivity caused by chemotherapy. You get four toothbrushes for one low price, with further value added by the convenient travel case that comes with each brush. And since each brush is a different color, you don’t have to worry about family members getting their toothbrushes mixed up. The heads of each toothbrush are also plenty wide to cover a larger area and ensure that every part of your mouth gets cleaned.

Cons: These toothbrushes have wide handles to match the wide heads, so they aren’t quite as compact as some other travel toothbrushes. The width of the handle may also make the toothbrushes uncomfortable and difficult to hold for some. You may also notice the bristles are prone to shedding from time to time, meaning you’ll have to occasionally trim them as a result.

Bottom Line: If you have sensitive teeth or gums and are looking for a travel toothbrush that is gentle yet effective, then these soft-bristled toothbrushes may be the right choice for you. Though they’ll take up a bit more room than some other travel toothbrushes, their gentleness and affordability should be well worth the tradeoff.

Final Thoughts

With their compact and portable sizes, protective covers, and ability to keep your teeth clean and fresh, travel toothbrushes can be essential items for any traveler. Whether you’re taking on a short trip or heading off on a long journey, a travel toothbrush can help you feel more comfortable, healthy, and confident wherever you go.

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