The Best Tall Brown Boots

A closeup of tall brown boots on a woman standing in fallen leaves.

Tall boots naturally elongate the leg, and they’re great for running errands, going to a bonfire, wearing to work, and more. They can help regulate your body temperature in cold weather and can even be worn while horseback riding. Brown boots go with so many outfits! There are various shades of brown to fit your style, too.

Buying Guide for Tall Brown Boots

A woman zips brown knee-high boots up as she sits on stairs.

Why buy tall brown boots?

Tall brown boots are perfect for creating cozy outfits as well as protecting you from the elements. They’re super versatile and comfortable and are staple footwear for most women. If you’re constantly on the move but need a comfortable yet stylish option to complete an outfit, turn to tall brown boots!

What should you look for in tall brown boots?

  • Material: Whether you prefer sheepskin, leather, suede, or cruelty-free synthetic materials, there are plenty of options that will keep your feet warm, dry, and in style. Sheepskin options are cozy and a little more casual, while leather and suede are luxurious and more formal. There are also durable cruelty-free options that will protect you from rainy or snowy weather.
  • Style: From cozy UGG boots to traditional riding boots to trendy high-heeled options, there’s sure to be a perfect fit for your fashion sense and lifestyle. Fur-lined boots are optimal for those who want to stay nice and warm in cold weather, while riding boots are great for everyday wear. Knee-high boots with high heels are ideal for a night out on the town.

What can you expect to spend on a pair of tall brown boots?

A classic pair of tall boots can range from $35-$200 depending on the material they’re made of and the brand. More affordable options are often crafted with durable synthetic materials, so you can look great without breaking the bank. Higher-end options are typically made out of genuine materials designed to be temperature-regulating and water-repellent, so they’re great for cold weather.

Our Picks for the Best Tall Brown Boots 

Pros: These hand-crafted western cowboy boots feature breathable synthetic lining that’s optimized for comfort. They come in a variety of sizes and classic colors and have a lightweight and flexible rubber outsole for durability. They have a convenient pull-on design for easy wear and padded insoles for additional cushion and support.

Cons: These boots have minimal water resistance, so they aren’t ideal for wearing in rainy or snowy weather.

Bottom Line: These western boots are excellent for adding a rustic element to an outfit. The charming embroidered detailing makes them unique statement pieces, and they’re great for styling with jeans or skater dresses.


Pros: Classic and brand-trusted, these signature boots from UGG are made of genuine sheepskin material and are fully lined with fur for soft warmth. These boots are sure to keep your feet warm and dry and come in four signature colors. They also have a comfortable lining that will provide optimum comfort and support. The innovative treadlite technology for optimized traction, flexibility, and cushion is another great feature.

Cons: This boot is pre-treated with moisture and stain repellent, so they’re great for light rainy weather, but heavy rain or splashes in puddles will soak through the boot. It’s recommended to continue treating them with water and stain repellent to keep the boots looking fresh and new. These boots are also more expensive than the other boots on this list.

Bottom Line: UGG boots have been an iconic mainstay since the mid-2000s for a reason. Not only are they extremely comfortable and stylish, but they also contour to the natural shape of the foot for comfort. They’re designed to be temperature-regulating, so they’re perfect for keeping you warm and cozy in cold weather!


Pros: These trendy and affordable riding boots come in various classic colors and are made with soft suede for a luxurious feel. They also feature slim rounded toes for breathability and cushioned latex insoles for optimum support and comfort. The low block heel makes them ideal for daily wear, and the chic over-the-knee style makes your legs appear longer.

Cons: The suede material can be quite absorbent, so they’re not ideal for rainy weather.

Bottom Line: This stylish riding boot complements a cozy ensemble well and can be worn with a chic button-up and jeans or a mini dress. They have a trendy lace-up feature and a faux fur lining for maximum warmth.


Pros: These modern high heel boots come in several colors and have convenient zippers, so they’re easy to take on and off. They also feature a stylish lace-up feature on the back and a round toe design for comfort and breathability. The trendy slouchy design is also perfect for people with larger calves.

Cons: These boots are made of synthetic leather, so they’re not as durable as genuine leather boots.

Bottom Line: These stylish and affordable boots are great for a night out on the town. They’re incredibly versatile and can easily be transitioned from day to night. The 3.75-inch heels add a bit of height and elongate the legs for a slenderizing look.


Pros: These classic riding boots have a relaxed wide calf option to be more comfortable and accommodating. Their memory foam cooling insoles offer maximum comfort and cushion. The convenient zipper with pull-on feature makes them ideal for easy wearability, and the durable synthetic soles are designed to last. They’re made complete with low 2-inch heels and charming matte buckles for style.

Cons: These boots tend to run small, so make sure to size up or pay close attention to the size chart prior to purchasing.

Bottom Line: These timeless riding boots will go well with so many outfits! They’re comfortable enough for daily wear, and they come in a beautiful rustic whiskey color that’s sure to elevate your outfits.

Final Thoughts

Tall brown boots are essential for those who live in colder environments. They’re versatile,  cozy, and dress up or down easily. Style them with a timeless trench, classic skinny jeans, and a button-up for an effortless, casual look, or pair them with a flowy dress or skirt for a night out!

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