The Best Snow Boots for Girls

A young blonde girl poses happily in the snow with pink snow boots on.

Every little girl has her own unique sense of style, so we’ve compiled a list of snow boots for girls that are waterproof, warm, and comfortable while also varying in style, colors, and fun patterns. This way, you can find the right pair of snow boots for the little lady in your life.

Buying Guide for Snow Boots for Girls

A girl makes a snow angel in the snow in her snow gear.

Why buy a new pair of snow boots?

It’s important to keep a little girl’s feet warm and dry in the snow and rain while she’s out enjoying the great outdoors. Kids grow quickly, so they’ll likely need a new pair of snow boots every year. Even if last year’s boots still look nice, if they don’t fit right, they could let the snow in through stretched seals. Plus, some kids might enjoy having more than one pair of snow boots to match different outfits or for different outdoor activities.

What should you consider when buying girls’ snow boots?

  • Material: If you experience really wet seasons, you may want to look at snow boots that have rubber soles and up past the ankles. If your climate gets exceptionally cold, fur-lined boots are a great option. And if the kid in your life is rough and tumble, you may want to consider a heavy-duty material that will withstand wear and tear.
  • Colors and Patterns: People of various ages enjoy wearing their favorite colors and patterns to express their personalities. Little kids, in particular, like to wear their favorite characters, colors, and designs, and there are many options available out there to make your kid smile each time they put their boots on.
  • Size: Make sure you know the child’s shoe size before ordering. Kids’ feet often grow quickly, so you might even want to size up by a half size or full size when you order to account for growth or thick socks.

What special features should you look for in snow boots for girls?

Be sure that the snow boots you order have a warm lining, whether it’s made from fur, fleece, neoprene, or another insulating material to keep those little toes warm. It’s also a good idea to seek out boots with nonslip soles made from thick rubber so that little dancers don’t slip and fall while twirling around outside. For younger girls, it helps to have snow boots that are easy to get on and off with a drawstring or Velcro and without parental assistance each time.

Our Picks for the Best Snow Boots for Girls

Pros: The easy lacing system on these boots makes it simple for kids to get them on and off without assistance. Faux fur lining keeps little feet extra warm in cold temperatures. And the rubber sole is made to be anti-skid, keeping kids safer in slippery conditions.

Cons: These boots aren’t currently available in half sizes, so if you need to size up, the boot may fit a little loosely. They don’t come in as many colors or patterns as some other brands. The little pocket is not functioning.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a solid, warm pair of snow boots to last through the cold seasons and beyond, these could be a great option. They do a great job at keeping little feet comfortable. Plus, the thick soles aren’t prone to punctures or leaks.


Pros: The shearling lining in these boots is water-resistant, keeping little feet dry in cold, wet weather. The inner heel supports are great for toddlers who are just learning to walk who may otherwise topple in boots. They also come in a variety of colors and styles and work well for casual outings.

Cons: These boots only come up to the ankles, so they won’t be great for hours of play in deep snow. They aren’t currently sold in sizes larger than kids’ 13. The soles don’t have the best traction when compared to other brands.

Bottom Line: For stylish ankle boots that are warm and cozy, these are a good pick. The material is durable and will outlast regular wear and tear throughout the season. They’re a solid fashionable boot if you don’t live in a harsh weather area.


Pros: They’re made with water-resistant nylon on the upper layer, keeping moisture from coming in above the ankle. Each pair has an adjustable elastic cord, securing the boot tight to the leg to keep snow out. And the inner boot is lined with Thinsulate, the same material used in athletic wear to keep warm while wicking away sweat.

Cons: While they have a rubber outsole, they don’t have the best track record for traction. With overuse, the elastic cord may snap. These boots also run a little too heavy for some smaller children to handle.

Bottom Line: These boots are a great option for a picky kid because they come in so many different colors and patterns. While they don’t have the best traction, they are a great option for kids that live in a drier climate. They keep kids warm from their toes to their mid-shins, which is perfect for a cold day.


Pros: The extended height of these boots will keep your child’s legs and feet warm and dry while splashing in puddles or playing in the snow. They are exceptionally warm with their inner neoprene layer. Kids and parents can appreciate the built-in handles that make these boots easy to pull on independently.

Cons: Style choices are limited without a lot of colors or patterns to choose from. They can be a little heavy for little kids.

Bottom Line: Because of the simple design, these boots are a fantastic option for kids with sensory issues. They’re made from long-lasting rubber that will work beautifully for your kids year-round, in rain and snow. They stand up well in extremely cold weather.


Pros: If your child has wide feet or wide calves, these are an excellent option. It’s suggested to size up if your child’s feet are wide. They come in a variety of great colors to match just about any coat or hat. The rubber sole is nonslip, standing up to packed snow well. They’re also easy to get on and off without the help of an adult.

Cons: These boots don’t stand up as well to extreme wear and tear. The sizing may be a little off for some people, so you might want to size up. They aren’t the best waterproof boots, so if your cold seasons are exceptionally wet, look elsewhere.

Bottom Line: Stylish little ones will love the many cool design options of these boots. They’re comfortable, warm, and lightweight, so they’re great for early walkers and outdoor activities.

Final Thoughts

Kids can enjoy hours of fun outside with the right weather protection, traction, and insulation found in these great snow boots.

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