The Best Snow Boots for Boys

A young boy in snow pants, a coat, hat, and snow boots plays in the snow.

The right pair will keep their feet dry on slushy sidewalks and keep them comfortable during hours of sledding and igloo-building. If you’re looking for a pair of snow boots for your child, here are some we recommend.

Buying Guide for Boys’ Snow Boots

A boy stands in the snow with snow boots on.

Why buy a new pair of snow boots?

No matter how much you love your little (or big) rascal, his awesome pair of sneakers won’t do the job for cold weather or icy sidewalks. It can be so tempting as a parent to let your child reuse last year’s boots, especially if they still look nice and were only worn a few times. Unfortunately, growing boys often grow out of their boots between seasons. Before you try and rely on last year’s boots, make sure you check their seams for signs of wear that can cause water or snow to leak through and cause your kid’s feet to freeze. Plus, be sure to have him wear warm, thick socks to try them on. Chances are, as your young boy is growing, his boots from last season will be too small, and that just means they are the perfect size to donate to someone in need.

What should you consider in a pair of boys’ snow boots?

  • Waterproof: To keep your kid comfortable in the snow, get a boot that keeps the water away from his socks. Consider both the outer materials of the boot as well as the sole.
  • Interior Lining: A child’s boot should have a warm lining that helps him stay warm. Even the best water-resistant boots may still get wet, so a removable lining is a great feature to allow for easy drying. Be mindful of how thick the lining is when you determine which size to order your growing boy.
  • Closure: Many kids’ boots will come with Velcro closure features, but you may also find zippers and laces as well. Determine your child’s skills for effectively dressing himself as a way to decide which feature is best for him and your own convenience as well. If he will constantly need help tying the laces, maybe that isn’t the best option. However, if there’s heavy snow all the time, snow could get in the way of Velcro and reduce its effectiveness.
  • Purpose: To help you determine which pair of snow boots makes the most sense for your boy, consider when he’ll wear them. Is it mostly during errands, keeping him dry from puddles on the road? Or do you get buckets of snowfall for him to play in for hours on end? The answer you give will help you decide which pair of snow boots is right for your child.

What does your climate require from a pair of snow boots?

A boy in California doesn’t need the same type of snow boot as a boy in Colorado. If you live in a state that welcomes snow quite often, you’re looking for much more. Nonslip and waterproof features are important, but you will also want to consider how tall the boot reaches and how warm it keeps your kiddo. Fur-lined boots are great for especially chilly areas. In milder climates, you can often spring for simpler boots, but you’ll still want waterproof protection for puddle stomping.

Our Picks for the Best Snow Boots for Boys

Pros: The rubber soles are a familiar design to a toddler’s sneakers, keeping kids steady while walking in their new boots. Plus, they’re nonslip, adding another level of safety for your little one. The hook-and-loop closure is easy for toddlers to put on, and it hugs close to the leg, keeping warmth in and snow out. The outer part of the boot is waterproof to help your kid’s feet stay dry while enjoying the snow. These boots are lined with cozy faux fur all the way to the toes, helping little piggies stay warm throughout hours of play.

Cons: Sizing may have to be adjusted to accommodate the cozy liners of this boot. The boot also has Velcro straps, which can get filled with snow and cause them to be less effective.

Bottom Line: All the important and useful features of a kid’s snow boot are in this product that has sizing for toddlers, some of the pickiest consumers. This comfortable, waterproof, and cozy boot is a safe choice for little boys who love to enjoy the snow!


Pros: This pair has a rubber sole with a platform of 1 inch off the ground, keeping your boy away from the wet elements while also providing nonslip protection. The boots are ankle-length and lightweight, making them a great choice for kids to wear while running errands or going to school. They’re also easy for kids to put on themselves, and with only Velcro as the closure, they don’t have to remove their gloves or mittens to do so!

Cons: Since these boots are shorter than standard snow boots, if your child is walking through deep snow, there is a greater chance of snow getting in the boots. The Velcro closure must be tight to ensure the greatest protection against cold and snow.

Bottom Line: Even when your little boy isn’t going out to play in the snow, you want to protect his feet from the wet and cold weather. These boots are easy to put on quickly before going outside and are comfortable enough to wear throughout the day.


Pros: This boot comes in several colors and is easy for kids of a young age to pull on and cinch snuggly around their calves before heading out to play in the snow. A waterproof sole and cozy liner keep your kid warm while they enjoy the cold weather. The cinch closure allows children to wear their snow pants over the boot or tuck them in.

Cons: The thick insert liner, meant to offer your kids extra warmth, can throw off sizing. Parents have accommodated this issue by either removing it completely, ordering up a size, or using thinner socks.

Bottom Line: The ease of putting on these boots is a huge win for parents. They’re convenient and simple enough for a child to dress himself and get out the door to have fun. The warm liner is a comfortable feature, but make sure you get the sizing right.


Pros: A rubber sole plus many more advanced technological advancements make this boot resistant to cold and moisture in the harshest conditions. Columbia’s patented OMNI-HEAT technology manages body heat for fantastic performance in outdoor conditions. The leather and textile uppers are waterproof and feature seam-sealed construction so that feet stay dry and warm. Traction and tread remain in icy and slippery conditions, keeping kids safer as they play and walk.

Cons: At the higher price range, some parents aren’t keen on spending that amount of money during a time when kids outgrow shoes so quickly. While they are waterproof, if the boots do get wet on the inside, they’re challenging to dry since the liners aren’t removable.

Bottom Line: These boots have upscale features when it comes to snow boots for kids. If your child wants to play for hours and hours in the snow or lives in climates where snow sticks around longer, they will keep your kids comfortable and happy.


Pros: The classic look of faux fur in a durable boot is a sentimental reminder of playing in the snow. Not only does this nostalgic look bring smiles to your face, but the waterproof sole and thermolite insulation will let your child enjoy hours of fun in the snow. A one-pull bungee lacing system allows for a snug fit to keep snow out and warmth in. The quality features are affordable with this brand, which many parents of fast-growing kids can appreciate!

Cons: If the lining on the inside of the boot gets wet, it can take longer to dry than other brands. The bottoms are not as nonslip as other brands, either, which may require your young boy to get used to. These boots only come in full sizes, so you may have to size up.

Bottom Line: This is a very affordable boot option for fast-growing kids that also delivers on comfort. The zipper and laces might need more parental assistance; however, it’s worth it when your kids can play longer in the snow and stay toasty.

Final Thoughts

There are few things better for an active boy than to experience the joy of playing in the snow! Give him hours of safe snowman-making, sledding, snowball battles, and igloo-building with a reliable pair of snow boots.

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