The Best Slippers for Men

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Buying Guide for Men’s Slippers

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Why buy slippers?

Why sleep with a pillow? Why change into comfortable loungewear when you get home from work instead of wearing your work clothes all night? Men buy slippers because they’re comfortable, and a man deserves to feel comfortable when he’s at home. Like a favorite pair of sweatpants or a cozy bathrobe, a great pair of slippers can really improve the quality of life when lounging at home. So, instead of dreading the feeling of the cold, hard ground under your feet, you can enjoy the luxurious warmth of your favorite slippers.

What should you look for in a pair of slippers?

  • Comfort: When it comes to slippers, comfort is king. Look for a pair that features soft inner material, such as memory foam, faux fur, or fleece, since these materials will provide that feeling of walking on a cloud. Also, if your feet tend to sweat, it’s worth checking reviews to make sure the pair you’re eyeing is breathable enough so that they won’t bake your feet.
  • Durability: Let’s face it—even high-quality slippers won’t be as durable as your favorite pair of work boots. In fact, most slippers degrade fairly quickly, especially if they’re used a lot. For this reason, durability is worth considering. Be sure to check out some user reviews and pass on products that don’t come highly recommended.
  • Style: Style typically isn’t the most important factor to consider when buying slippers. However, regardless of how comfortable your old slippers might be, nobody wants to be the guy who looks like he’s wearing roadkill on his feet. Try to find a nice balance between comfort and style in case you need to wear your slippers to take the trash out and don’t want to be embarrassed.

What are the different types of slippers?

Men’s slippers come in a variety of styles, including clogs, moccasins, and classic slip-ons. Clogs are a type of open-backed slipper that have a closed toe and a slightly but not fully closed heel. Moccasins are a type of slipper that have a closed toe and a closed heel. They often have a flexible sole and may be lined with fur or fleece for added warmth. Classic slip-on slippers utilize a closed toe and an open back and are often the easiest type to slip on and off. They may all be made from a variety of materials, including fabric, natural animal skin, or synthetic materials. They also may sport a memory foam or gel insole for added comfort and arch support.

Our Picks for the Best Men’s Slippers

Pros: Thes two-tone slippers from RockDove are a great option for those looking for comfortable and durable slippers. The rubber soles provide good traction (so much so that they can even be worn outside), and the memory foam inner cushioning makes for a comfortable and luxurious fit. Thanks to their clog design, they’re very easy to slip on and off. Factor in their unique look, attractive color options, and the fact that they’re machine washable, and you can see why this is our top choice.

Cons: Most negative reviews mention one or two things about these slippers: they tend to lose their shape after a while and will likely need to be replaced within a year or two with everyday wear.

Bottom Line: Though these slippers won’t last forever, in terms of both comfort and design, we’d say the Men’s Original Two-Tone Memory Foam Slippers are well worth their price tag.


Pros: Looking for slippers that are as comfy as they are versatile? The Memory Foam Clogs from NewDenBer is a great choice. Featuring a soft and cozy fleece material and moisture-wicking lining, these slippers will keep your feet toasty and dry with the best of them. They also impress thanks to their durable rubber sole and surprisingly high-quality vegan suede material. Unlike some other slippers, these ones come in a wide variety of styles, with some really standing out due to the contrast and elegance of their design.

Cons: Some reviewers noted that these slippers tend to run a bit large. Also, their stitching probably isn’t on par with the premium slippers featured in this guide.

Bottom Line: You typically wouldn’t wear slippers for style points, but these good-looking ones are comfortable and affordable enough to splurge on if you happen to fall in love with one of their many available styles or colors.


Pros: If you’re seeking slippers with extra-thick memory foam for added comfort and support, this pair from ULTRAIDEAS is probably your best bet. In terms of comfort, they’re practically unmatched, with a plush shearling collar providing a hint of style and faux wool supplying all the warmth you can want on chilly evenings in. While the rubber soles aren’t the thickest, the heels are nicely cushioned, making this an exquisite option for those who only plan on wearing their slippers inside.

Cons: If we’re being honest, the various styles this product comes in all look pretty similar to each other. So while this is undoubtedly a good-looking slipper, it’s unlikely to impress you in terms of its style offerings.

Bottom Line: All slippers are at least a little comfortable, but this product really doubles down on its most important characteristic thanks to an impressive design that doesn’t skimp on memory foam or cushioning. As such, those who put a premium on comfort are bound to fall in love with these luxurious slippers.


Pros: These cozy slippers may be a bit more expensive than similar products, but their impressive craftsmanship and durable soles promise to outlast most budget-friendly slippers you can put them up against. Also, unlike most slippers, the moccasin style offers far more heel support while still being incredibly easy to slip on and off. Factor in their incredibly soft faux-fur lining, and you’ve got some fantastic moccasin slippers.

Cons: While this product’s sole scores points in terms of durability, it can make walking around on hard surfaces (such as wood floors) noisier than some would like. Also, as noted above, these are a few bucks more expensive than your average slippers.

Bottom Line: If you’re not the type of guy to tiptoe around in the morning in order to avoid waking up your spouse or children, you’re likely to love what these slippers bring to the morning coffee table. Comfortable, tasteful, and designed to last more than a couple of years—what’s not to love?


Pros: These premium slippers’ nubuck leather uppers and shearling inners are the real deal. They also impress thanks to their washable footbeds and unique drop-in heels, which serves to ensure these slippers can be used as both conventional slippers and heel-free sliders. Factor in their durable design, and you can see why these leather slippers are rated so highly.

Cons: Honestly, most men probably wouldn’t pay this product’s asking price for slippers. Sure, the materials and quality are a big step ahead of the rest of the products in this guide, but are they worth the price? That is something you’ll have to ask yourself.

Bottom Line: While these premium slippers aren’t for everyone, they’re a good buy for men with a taste for luxury. That being said, the overall effect isn’t exactly worlds apart from some of the other amazing slippers featured above.

Final Thoughts

They say a man’s life truly begins when he finally puts on the perfect pair of slippers. Actually, nobody really says that, but they might as well. Great slippers can provide an instant upgrade to the time you spend around the home. For guys who work from home or are simply just homebodies, the benefits of amazing slippers are far too sweet to let them slip you by.

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