The Best Silky Pajama Sets for Women

Women's silk pink pajamas with hanger and flowers on white background.

The luxe feel of a silky pajama set can make lounging around your home feel even more special and relaxed. From short sets to long pants, you’re sure to find the ones you love from our list of favorites.

Buying Guide for Silky Pajama Sets for Women

Girl sitting on bed in striped satin pajamas.

Why buy a satin or silk pajama set?

Sure, your old workout tee or your significant other’s oversized clothes could do the trick. But if you want a great set of PJs, turn to a set of satin or silk pajamas. From the luxurious feel of the soft fabric to the more stylized designs, they’re an excellent way to treat yourself, whether you’re wearing them just for bed or to lounge around the house.

What should you consider when shopping for a silky pajama set?

  • Style: Pajamas come in a variety of styles. When you think of sets, this usually means looking at tops and bottoms. In most cases, this is a shirt paired with shorts or pants. However, the shirt could be long- or short-sleeved. Likewise, consider whether you want a button-down shirt or a pullover. Also, consider whether you want pants or shorts, pockets or no pockets, or a drawstring versus an elastic waist. Remember that sets can also mean a satin nightgown with a matching robe.
  • Fit: Usually, pajamas are sold with a slightly loose fit so that you have more room to move, which can be essential if you’re an active sleeper. Check the fit to ensure you’re not picking an option that would be too tight or uncomfortable for sleeping.

Is silk better than satin for pajamas?

The answer to this question comes down to a mix of preference and budget. Silk will always be preferable if you’re focused on a premium experience. Additionally, silk is a natural fiber versus many satin options made from synthetic fibers, so it tends to be more breathable. However, if you’re concerned about budget or ease of care, satin is usually the better option. Besides being cheaper than silk (especially if it’s made from anything other than silk fibers), most synthetic and cotton satin material is machine washable versus silk which must be hand washed. Generally, the feel of the fabrics is extremely similar, so both options are super cozy for pajamas.

Our Picks for the Best Silky Pajama Sets for Women

Pros: While most silky pajama sets tend to focus solely on the top and bottom, this one is an all-in-one solution that includes a matching tie-front robe. You’ll get a camisole with lace trim, matching pants, and a robe. With a wide range of styles and a comfortable, relaxed fit, this is the perfect way to drift off to dreamland after lounging around at home.

Cons: Be prepared to hand wash this set only.

Bottom Line: If you’re shopping for a complete pajama set with a robe, this is a solid choice with several lovely floral patterns.


Pros: Whether you live in a cold climate or want an option that works for any month of the year, this long-sleeve pant pajama set is a solid, sleek choice. It features a classic design with contrasting piping on the hems, wrist, and ankles. The top has a charming notched collar and a chest pocket. You’ll also like that the pants have pockets and elastic in the waistband for added adjustability and comfort.

Cons: While comfy, the material is very thin and can be revealing.

Bottom Line: This classic option with a long-sleeve button-down top and matching pants is perfect for gifting or buying for yourself. With a wide range of colors and a chic shine, you’ll be going to bed in style and comfort.


Pros: For those seeking a classic silky pajama set, this two-piece set with shorts and a short-sleeve button-down shirt is a solid choice. Along with a casual fit, you’ll get a front chest pocket and accented piping trim on both the shirt and shorts. Plus, a simple elastic waistband makes getting in and out of these shorts easy to do.

Cons: Taller individuals noted that the inseam on the shorts was too short and could ride up. Additionally, there can be color differences between what’s shown on the product page and what arrives.

Bottom Line: Overall, this is a solid choice for those seeking a soft, luxurious satin pajama set with shorts. While there are many colors to choose from, be aware that the advertised color may not be exactly what you receive.


Pros: Another popular combination for satin pajamas is pairing a camisole with shorts. This classic offering will look great on a wide range of figures and features shorts with a higher hem and sexy side slits. Meanwhile, you’ll still get a relaxed fit for added comfort. Note that the fabric has elasticity so that it allows for more movement. Better still, this set is machine washable.

Cons: Not everyone likes wearing shorts to bed or when lounging around the house. Also, some more vibrant colors tended to leak dye in the wash.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking to up the ante in the bedroom, try this sexy short pajama set. There’s a wide color selection which is ideal too.


Pros: Whether you’re dressing to impress or simply want a more elevated look even when you’re at home, this satin nightgown is a great option. Choose from 23 colors and your choice of a front slit or a design without a slit. You’ll get adjustable straps, a draped bodice, and sizing that ranges from S to 3XL.

Cons: Although the brand does say you can put this nightgown in the washing machine, it recommends that you hand wash it, which may be a deal-breaker for some people.

Bottom Line: Elevate your bedtime routine with this sophisticated satin nightgown.


Pros: Who doesn’t love a pretty pajama set with a bit of lace? This four-piece set comes with a tank and shorts set, a nightgown, and a matching robe. Available in 16 different colors and with a size range that includes S through 2XL, this is great for gifting or for treating yourself.

Cons: Note that while this set is marketed as silk, it is actually polyester.

Bottom Line: Coordinate your bedroom attire with this cute four-piece set that you’ll want to put on every night.

Final Thoughts

When you’re ready to step up your bedroom wardrobe, silky pajamas are a no-brainer. Whether you’re more focused on comfort or looking for something that’ll spice up the bedroom, there are plenty of options to fit your taste and budget.

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