The Best Shapewear for Women

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Buying Guide for Shapewear

A beige shaping bodysuit with a built-in bra.

Why buy shapewear?

Shapewear has tummy-flattening and shaping technology that’s designed to give you a show-stopping silhouette. Most help cinch in the waist and flatten the stomach, but some also lift the chest or glutes, or both. They can make you look your best when worn beneath your favorite little black dress, form-fitting top, or pencil skirt. Shapewear also has the positive effect of providing back support and improving your posture, so the benefits aren’t just aesthetic.

What should you look for in shapewear?

  • Style: Shapewear comes in a variety of styles! There’s shapewear with the design and functionality of traditional corsets that stretch and mold to the contours of your body. There are also stretchy bodysuits, body-con slips, and high-waisted compression shorts designed to flatten your tummy, lift your butt, shape your hips and thighs, and sometimes lift your breasts.
  • Material: Most shapewear is designed for all-day wear, so choosing a skin-friendly fabric that won’t irritate your skin is essential. Most people prefer shapewear made of stretchy and elastic materials like spandex that will mold to your body without the discomfort of stiff fabric. Many new mothers often opt for shapewear made of soft, elastic materials because it can gently help reshape and smooth the tummy after giving birth. There are also shapewear pieces made of more durable and rigid materials like boning designed to sculpt the body. Firmer fabrics can often leave indentations on the skin when worn for long periods of time, so it’s important to be mindful of this when wearing stiffer forms of shapewear.
  • Support: One of the many benefits of shapewear is that it provides much-needed back and abdominal support. Shapewear with corset designs often gives exceptional lumbar support and can improve your posture. Shapewear can also help sculpt the body after cosmetic procedures like fat transfers and BBLs. If you’re looking to improve your posture or optimize your workouts, choosing a piece of shapewear that can support your body’s needs is essential.

How do you wash shapewear?

It’s typically recommended to hand wash and hang-dry your shapewear to preserve the integrity of the piece. Shapewear shouldn’t be dry cleaned or ironed because these practices can potentially ruin your garment. Shapewear is made out of high-quality materials designed to mold to your curves, and if you want to preserve the longevity of those materials, hand washing with care is essential.

Our Picks for the Best Shapewear

Pros: This classic piece of shapewear is affordable and seamless. Its tummy-control and butt-lifting technology cinches in the waist and shapes your hips, giving you a classically feminine silhouette. It’s available in beige and black hues, so you can discreetly wear it underneath your clothes without the waist trainer showing through. It’s also available in a diverse size range from small to 3XL. It’s constructed with two layers of stretchy and breathable fabric, so it’ll snatch your waist without discomfort. Additionally, this waist trainer has steel boning for structure, but the soft polyester/spandex blend fabric makes it ideal for daily wear. It’s even comfy enough to wear postpartum.

Cons: It doesn’t come up as high as on the torso as some would like.

Bottom Line: This waist trainer is designed with all body types in mind. It has compression and butt-lifting technology designed to accentuate your figure while smoothing and reshaping problem areas.


Pros: These body shaping shorts are affordable and plus size-friendly. They’re available in black, brown, and beige tones. They’re also available in sizes small to 4XL, so you’re sure to find the perfect size for your figure. These smoothing shorts are made of 90% nylon and 10% spandex, so they sculpt the body while still comfy enough to wear every day. They’re also made with nonslip silicone, so you don’t have to worry about your shorts riding up throughout the day. These shorts offer full coverage for your waist, thighs, and back for a flattering fit, and they’re even machine washable for your convenience.

Cons: These shorts have high compression technology, so you may need to size up for a comfortable fit. The shorts are also a biker length, so they may be a bit long on shorter legs.

Bottom Line: These high-compression shorts seamlessly shape the body without the discomfort of steel boning. They have a flattering tuck and lift effect and can be worn during workouts or underneath your clothes.


Pros: This lace bodysuit has the beauty of lingerie while smoothing and shaping the body. It comes in classic black or white lace. It’s available in cup sizes 34B to 40DD, and it effortlessly lifts and shapes your breasts. This bodysuit has an underwire for maximum support for large busts. It sculpts the body without being too tight or constricting, and the spandex fabric is soft and breathable for daily wear.

Cons: The bodysuit is completely sheer, so you may need to layer undergarments underneath it for fuller coverage. It’s also only available in up to a 40DD, so it may not be ideal for larger busts.

Bottom Line: This stunning bodysuit is versatile enough to be worn as shapewear or traditional lingerie. It gently sculpts the body without discomfort and is lightweight enough to wear every day.


Pros: This tummy-targeting waist cincher is great for those who prefer the sophistication of corsets. It comes in elegant hues of black, blush, white, and beige and is available in sizes small to 3X plus. It’s made of 79% nylon and 21% elastane, so it’s stretchy but supportive. Its microfiber materials feel soft against the skin, so you don’t have to worry about it bruising or digging into you, and it has an easy-to-wear hook-and-eye closure. It even has cool comfort technology designed to keep you sweat-free in warm weather.

Cons: This corset is hand wash only. The hook-and-eye closures are semi-visible underneath clothes.

Bottom Line: This waist cincher is perfect for weddings or other special occasions. It can be easily layered under gowns or cocktail dresses, and it shapes the waist for a natural yet sculpted silhouette. It also has boning, so it won’t slip or shift while you’re wearing it.


Pros: This convertible slip effortlessly shapes your curves. It’s available in cup sizes 34B to 38D and comes in black and beige tones. It has built-in bra cups that give breasts the lift and support they need. It also targets the tummy, waist, and back and sculpts them for a stunning silhouette. It can easily be worn with strapless dresses and has a built-in custom cup bra that’s lightly padded. It even has convertible straps for maximum versatility.

Cons: This slip has a limited size range and doesn’t have many options available for large busts. The length also runs short, so it’s not ideal for tall people.

Bottom Line: This lightweight slip smooths and sculpts the body for a flattering shape. It’s lightweight and soft to the touch but still gives firming support. It also has cooling technology, so you can dance the night away or wear it all day without discomfort.

Final Thoughts

One of the great things about shapewear is that it’s designed with all body types in mind. There are many different kinds of shapewear, including waist-cinching corsets, body-shaping shorts, sculpting slips, and smoothing bodysuits. Take a look at our selections and find the one that’s right for you.

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