The Best Rose Gold Heels

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Buying Guide for Purchasing Rose Gold Heels

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Why should you buy rose gold heels?

There are a few common events that many people look for rose gold heels to wear to, like weddings, dances, or upscale events. However, there are plenty of other times that the glamour of rose gold heels would look great. Wear them on a girls’ night out, on a date, to work, or wherever you want to make a sophisticated statement.

What should you consider when choosing your pair?

  • Heel Height: Rose gold heels can come in various heights, so find one that makes the most sense for your outfit, event, and comfort. If you need to wear the shoes for a longer time and will be walking or dancing in them, you may want to consider a lower, more comfortable height, like a kitten heel. If you’re not planning to wear them for very long or are comfortable in higher heels, there are higher options as well.
  • Embellishments: Many rose gold heels bring a lot of shine. You can find ones with small glitter or chunky glitter, some with added rhinestones, or some with a rose gold sheen instead of a sparkle.
  • Occasion: Not every rose gold heel is perfect for a wedding, just like other pairs won’t work with jeans. Consider what type of events or outfits you plan to wear your heels to before making your purchase, and it can help narrow down your search nicely.

How can you keep your rose gold heels looking new?

Shoes will wear down from nights of dancing or days on the town, but there are a few ways to care for your shoes to keep them looking their best. First, spot clean them after use by dabbing spots with warm water and a soft towel if needed. Don’t let a whole day go by after your event before spot cleaning them if required. A stain will be harder to remove the longer it sits. Next, in between uses, sprinkle some baby powder or baking soda on the insides of the material to soak up odors or moisture. While you store the shoes, you can place a couple of dryer sheets in the box with them so that they stay fresh.

Our Picks for the Best Rose Gold Heels

Pros: The pink and gold sparkles give this pair of heels a stunning effect. If you’re looking for a pair of shoes that grabs attention, this pair will do the trick. The chunky heel provides extra stability, and more surface area means even greater sparkle and shine. They’re lined with extra latex pads to provide extra comfort, so you can wear them for longer. The heel height is 3.75 inches.

Cons: The sparkles are scratchy, and they might be too high for those not accustomed to walking in high heels.

Bottom Line: These sparkling rose gold shoes make a statement and are perfect for an upscale special event. The heels are high, so they may be better suited for those who are used to wearing and dancing in high heels.


Pros: The pointed toes on these shoes elongate your body, and the rose gold glitter and rhinestones add extra glamour. The delicate cut-out provides a balance to the overall look to make these kitten heels both glamorous and elegant. They can be the gorgeous heel for a wedding or special event as well as the special feature to an outfit with crisp jeans and a nice blouse. The interiors are designed with ultra-soft and anti-sweat lining, and the soles of the shoes have extra cushioning to keep you comfortable all day or all night.

Cons: The heel is lower, only about an inch, so if you wanted a high heel, this is not your pick.

Bottom Line: These kitten heels add elegance to your outfit. Their tasteful versatility means you can add rose gold sparkle to your outfit whether you’re at a wedding or on a date.


Pros: If you love the rose gold heel look but don’t want too much height, these are a great option. The shine adds glamour, while the 2.5-inch block heel provides stable comfort and a slight lift. The ankle back and strap provide extra stability for a comfortable fit that moves with you, whether you’re walking through the town or dancing with friends.

Cons: The ankle support in the back is stiff and may not be comfortable for everyone. It’s a good idea to wear these heels around at home before going out for a special event to test where the ankle support may rub to avoid blisters or discomfort.

Bottom Line: These rose gold heels deliver glamorous style and height without being too high or uncomfortable. The extra padding in the heels and toes provides support where it’s needed most.


Pros: These platform wedges provide stable support for the strappy rose gold style. Walk and dance comfortably in 4-inch heels with the 1-inch platform and wedge design. The contrast of patent leather and glitter straps creates an eye-catching look to the rose gold trend. These shoes are lightweight even though they’re platform wedges, and the rubber bottoms make them more resistant to slipping. You can wear them with short or long dresses, shorts, or pants.

Cons: These shoes only come in full sizes, so it’s best to order a half size up if you usually wear half sizes.

Bottom Line: These platform wedge heels can give you the height you’re looking for but with more comfort.


Pros: The strappy, open-toed elegance meets the statement of a chunky 4-inch heel to make a versatile rose gold shoe meant to be seen. The rose gold shimmer is the right amount of glamour to be the perfect addition to an outfit. Dress up your jeans or wear these shoes with a formal dress. The insole is lightly padded, and the soft lining of the shoe adds to its comforting appeal.

Cons: The bottom of the shoe is not textured or nonslip, so it can be slick at first. The ankle support comes a bit high in the back and causes discomfort for some users, so it may be best to try them on at home before committing to them for a longer event.

Bottom Line: Add an elegant, eye-catching rose gold shimmer to your outfit with these stylish shoes. They’re designed with contrasting elements to be both comfortable and fashion-forward.

Final Thoughts

When you need to find a statement shoe for a special occasion, it can be challenging to find one that fits your style and what you need to stay comfortable. With this diverse list, you can find the rose gold glamour that’s just right for you.

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