The Best Red Heels

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Heels don’t have to be Louboutin to look and feel great. There are so many affordable options that won’t compromise the innate beauty and integrity of the heels—a style staple that’s survived (and thrived) since the 10th century. A solid pair of red heels says elegance and confidence. They did wonders for Dorothy; let’s see what they can do for you.

Buying Guide for the Best Red Heels

Woman in black leather pants and red high heel shoes

Why invest in a pair of red heels?

Red heels (short, tall, thick, or thin) excellently pair with casual, business casual, and formal outfits, from a simple, tucked-in tee and black jeans to a nice dress. They’re a worldwide symbol of a good fashion sense. And today, pumps and platforms are extra comfy with cloud-cushioned soles. With so many different styles, textures, and unique accents to choose from, there’s a red heel with your name on it.

What should you look for in heels?

  • Fit: Heels should fit comfortably and keep your foot securely in place—no sliding back and forth. The perfect fit also helps with stability, so make sure they’re not too tight or too loose. When you receive your heels, take a walk to judge the fit and balance—the actual shoe heel should line up with your heel, and your weight should evenly distribute across the entire foot instead of weighing on the ball or heel.
  • Heel Height: If you like having an extra boost, look for high heels. If you have trouble walking in high heels, don’t worry; there are red heels with lower heels for easier walking and more casual outfits.

What are people pairing with red heels?

These days, people wear red heels with lots of different outfits. You’re no longer limited to fancy nights out or red carpet looks. Dress them up or down. Red pumps, platforms, and heeled sandals have become everyday statement pieces that communicate power and confidence. Today, people are pairing them with skinny or rolled jeans, leggings, business casual wear, and even shorts.

Our Picks for the Best Red Heels

Pros: These are the answer to your prayers for comfort and style. If you’re new to heels, these strappy, synthetic leather shoes with short kitten heels will keep you on your feet all night without killing your toes, heels, and arches the next morning. They’re also available in medium and wide widths, which is great if you have a hard time finding your exact size.

Cons: Although they’re offered in a wider width, they still may not be wide enough for some feet.

Bottom Line: These adorable, basic kitten heels from LifeStride are the perfect beginner’s heels. If you’re not used to standing on your feet all day, especially in a dress shoe, give these a go! Their low heel and comfy insoles make them a fabulous go-to pair.


Pros: Feeling a little ’90s? These chunky, 4-inch heels are a chic addition to your favorite flowy dresses, skirts, and jeans. They feature a latex-padded interior to help keep your feet happy and comfy while mingling at parties, graduation, or weddings. DREAM PAIRS is a popular, online shoe store that specializes in unique American-style shoes, so you can count on them to know what’s in style.

Cons: You may want to size down when you order, as they can run smaller than your typical shoe size. And these aren’t beginner’s heels, so make sure you’re comfy with being 4 inches taller.

Bottom Line: These fun, red, chunky sandal heels are a throwback to the ’90s and will pair gorgeously with formal and casual fits. You will stand out and stand comfortably in these heels.


Pros: If you’re looking for your first pair of heels, or something wider, more flexible, and long-lasting, these are a safe bet. With soft, vegan-suede soles and adjustable ankle straps, you’ll hardly notice you’re wearing 1-inch heels in these cherry-red Cushionaire sandals. The short, blocky heels are ideal for standing and mingling. This style of shoe pairs well with pencil skirts (long or short) and jeans, making them perfect for work and play.

Cons: It might be smart to size up when you order your Cushionaire heels, as they tend to run larger than the size you usually wear. This will help ensure ultimate comfortability.

Bottom Line: These heels are simple, sweet, and super comfy. Not all red heels stand out for being flashy and bold; sometimes, all you need is a little block heel, a flirty strap, and a splash of red to make an impact.


Pros: When we hear “classic red heels,” we think of these DREAM PAIRS 4-inch pumps. Designed in the U.S., with thick, strong, plastic polymer soles and latex-padded insoles, these faux leather stilettos are perfect for business casual dress at the office to fine dining after work. They feature a classic, pointed toe and are designed for pain-free wear. Plus, they’re true to size.

Cons: These heels are a great fit lengthwise, but they arrive a little snug, so you might want to use a shoe-stretcher if your feet don’t do the job naturally after a few wears.

Bottom Line: You can’t go wrong with classic, red high heels, especially ones that provide long-lasting comfort and stability. These DREAM PAIRS heels are versatile, well made, and worth buying. Pair them with almost anything!


Pros: Flirty, unique, and forever in style, these 4-inch nubuck-leather heels are a must-buy for heel-lovers. You don’t see these beauties every day. Their chunky platforms and rubber soles keep you balanced and moving effortlessly so that you and your unique vibes can remain the life of the party. Keeping with the shoes’ built-in charm, they also feature an adorable “peek-a-boo” beneath the bow, which elongates your legs and adds extra flair.

Cons: The shoe’s zipper may cause some discomfort since it’s near a sensitive spot on the ankle. To prevent rubbing, you might want to cover the area with moleskin or a Band-Aid before wearing them for a night on the town.

Bottom Line: These Mostrin vintage fashion platforms are a simple way to make an outfit more interesting. They’re unique, sturdy, and designed with high-quality nubuck leather.

Final Thoughts

If you’re ready to add some bold, flirty vibes to your everyday threads, these quality heels are a great choice. New to heels? Maybe try one of the shorter, thicker kitten heels first; they’re sweet and functional. Or, if you’re a high-heel aficionado, spring for the stilettos and stand tall all night. Either way, enjoy the oohs and aahs your new red heels will surely attract.

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