The Best Razors for Women

A woman shaving her leg with a razor in a bathroom at home.

Whether you’re using a manual or electric razor, you want something that’s effective at removing unwanted hair without causing nicks, razor burn, or other kinds of irritation. With that in mind, these are the best razors for women that we recommend.

Buying Guide for Razors for Women

Young African American woman shaving armpits in bathroom.

Why buy a razor?

The choice to remove body hair is a personal one. And as body positivity in all its forms continues to grow in prominence, many women have opted to skip this completely optional grooming habit. But if you prefer a hair-free existence, then you’re going to need some type of tool to remove that hair. While waxing and depilatory creams are an option, they’re not without drawbacks or added expenses. By contrast, shaving is something that can be completed fairly quickly and is usually less expensive and much less painful than waxing, sugaring, or laser hair removal.

What should you consider when shopping for a razor for women?

  • Type of Razor: Not all razors are created equal. Some are specifically designed for the bikini line, while others are intended to help you speed through larger parts of your body like your arms and legs. Additionally, you’ll need to decide whether you want to use a manual razor or a powered option. With powered razors, you’ll usually switch between either electric or battery-powered. For the longest-lasting shave, electric or battery-powered razors that can actually pull the hair up just a bit from the hair follicle will result in a longer-lasting shave versus those that simply cut the hair at or just above the skin.
  • Blades: Blades are important for all razors, but especially for manual ones, the total number of blades can often determine how effectively you’re able to not just remove hair but get a close shave. And, the closer the shave, the longer you can technically go between touch-ups. Also consider whether the blades are wire wrapped (which minimizes the risk of cutting yourself) or responsive (meaning that they flex as they move over the curves of your body).
  • Blade Heads: These days, most women’s razors at least come with a built-in moisture strip. But more oversized shavers may also feature built-in shaving cream, which can be a nice added feature. Additionally, shavers that come with additional blade cartridges are a nice touch that’s also more economical than buying individual razors repeatedly.
  • Grip: Similar to ensuring there are enough blades, checking for a proper grip is equally important. Most people shave in the shower, which means your hands are wet. The last thing you want is a razor slipping out of your hands, as that can equal cutting yourself. A razor that features a textured, slightly oversized grip is a safer choice.
  • Accessories: Again, while not a requirement, many shavers come with carrying cases or storage accessories so you can safely keep them in your shower. This can be a nice way to keep your razor close at hand when you need it.

Can you dry shave?

If you’re going to dry shave,  you should be using an electric razor. While it is possible to dry shave with a traditional manual razor, the chances of experiencing razor burn or cutting yourself are much higher.

Our Picks for the Best Razors for Women

Pros: Hands down, one of the most popular disposable razors on the market is the Gillette Venus razor. This three-pack features razors with a wider grip for better control and three blades for a closer shave. And you’ll also like that there’s a SkinElixir Lubrastrip that helps to ensure the razor glides over your skin to prevent irritation and the risk of cutting yourself.

Cons: These razors may not be the best option for sensitive skin.

Bottom Line: If you want a good shave but are shopping on a budget, these Venus razors with a moisture strip, three razors, and pivoting heads will do the job well.


Pros:  If you like the idea of touching up your eyebrows or eliminating peach fuzz on your upper lip, these tools are ideal. This three-pack of eyebrow razors is great for cleaning up your brows or creating an arch if you don’t naturally have one. And they come with a cover for added safety.

Cons: While billed as a dermaplaning tool, most aestheticians would advise against doing this procedure without training. Attempting to dermaplane without experience can damage your skin and encourage infections as well as irritation.

Bottom Line: For shaping your brows and banishing errant hairs, these eyebrow shavers are a great tool to have on hand.


Pros: If you’re cleaning up your bikini lines, you want a shaver that’s not going to struggle with thicker hair. So, this Venus razor is specifically designed to manage this task with no issues. Along with the handle, it comes with two refills and razor heads that have an irritation defense bar to avoid nicks and cuts. And the razor head flexes to ensure a smooth shave.

Cons: In truth, the reviews were positive for this razor. But there’s the issue of the pink tax, which is a problem that plagues all razors for women.

Bottom Line: This is one of the best razors for shaving intimate areas like your bikini line. A responsive razor head and an added irritation defense bar to prevent nicks and cuts make this a smart choice when you need to shave delicate areas.


Pros: While you can’t go wrong with a manual razor, using an electric razor sure is efficient. This pick from Panasonic allows you to make quick work of larger shaving tasks like your legs. Plus, it features three floating blades, so you can still use it to tackle your bikini line with no issue. You’ll get 35 minutes of shaving time on a single charge, and this pick comes with a cordless charging stand.

Cons: One of the biggest complaints we found from reviewers focused on how sometimes the shaver could catch the skin—although it wouldn’t nick it.

Bottom Line: Whether you prefer a wet or dry shave, this electric shaver is travel-friendly, cordless, and has a flexible head that can be used on legs, armpits, and intimate areas for quick and easy shaves.


Pros: Some people literally shave every day. If this sounds familiar, then you probably go through razors much faster than someone who only shaves once a week. This 10-pack of disposable razors from BIC is an economical choice that’s going to help you save money in the long run. And you’ll still get a textured handle, a moisturizing strip, and effective blades.

Cons: Although economical, common complaints centered around the blades being too sharp to the point that it left people with razor burn and cuts, even with shaving cream or lotion.

Bottom Line: If you want a wallet-friendly go-to, this 10-pack is a smart budget buy. But be careful when using it, as the blades are incredibly sharp.

Final Thoughts

Opting to shave your body hair is a personal choice. But if you choose to do so, you’ll want to pick a good razor with a sturdy grip and effective blades for a close shave that lasts more than a day or two. That’s what these razors can offer you.

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