The Best Razors for Men

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Men’s grooming razors come in come in all shapes and sizes. From advanced self-cleaning electric razors to simple disposable razors, there’s a razor out there to suit any man’s grooming routine. We made this guide to simplify your quest for the best men’s razor.

Buying Guide for Men’s Razors

A man shaves his beard with a disposable razor and shaving cream.

Why buy a new razor?

From irritated skin to ingrown hairs and avoidable nicks and cuts, there are plenty of reasons why men choose to upgrade their razors. Sometimes men already own a great razor but still need to switch it up for convenience or try a new routine. Ultimately, the name of the game is finding a razor that helps you look your best in as convenient and comfortable a way as possible.

What should you look for in a men’s razor?

  • Type of Razor: The type of razor that you choose makes a world of difference. Disposable razors are made with convenience in mind and usually won’t last you more than a week or two. However, they’re easy to travel with and often provide a decent shave. Electric razors, on the other hand, can be used for years. However, these tend to differ in terms of how close of a shave they can provide. You’ll also find razors that are specifically designed for men who shave their heads. Their large, rounded design minimizes the risk of nicking your skin and speeds up the process of achieving a skin-close shave.
  • Convenience: Let’s face it, some razors are more convenient to use than others. So, be sure to research a product’s specs to ensure it gels with your unique grooming routine. Here are some questions to ask yourself: How long does its battery last? Can I easily buy replacement blades? Can it be used in the shower? Can it be used with shaving cream? Can it be used to trim body hair or just facial hair?
  • Closeness of Shave: Some men like a skin-close shave, while others prefer to rock a little stubble. It all depends on personal preference and how your skin reacts to a razor. Whatever your preference may be, you should check out user reviews to see if others are receiving the shaving experience you desire.

What type of razor provides the best long-term value?

Since a decent electric razor is likely to last for quite a few years, it probably provides the best value when compared to different types of disposable razors. However, electric razors are not quite as versatile as they may seem. For this reason, many men use several different razors depending on their needs. For instance, one may employ an electric razor for shaving their head, a precision trimmer for keeping their stubble nice and orderly, and a disposable razor for shaving off pesky neck hair.

Our Picks for the Best Men’s Razors

Pros: These three-bladed razors from Gillette come equipped with a lubricating strip and pivoting head to gently glide over your face while providing a close shave. Compared to other disposable razors, they score points for their longevity, so most men will be able to use one razor for weeks before grabbing a fresh razor out of the box. This product also stands out for its ergonomic non-slip handle and is especially adept when shaving with cream or gel. That being said, its comfort-first design also performs well with just a quick splash of warm water to lubricate your face.

Cons: First off, while these aren’t the most expensive disposable razors on the market, they’re also far from the most affordable. This is especially true for men with extremely sensitive skin, as they will likely need to use a fresh razor after a few uses since the blades will noticeably dull after two to three shaves.

Bottom Line: Men who are looking for a simple, effective disposable razor will find a lot to love with the Gillette Sensor3 Comfort. Comfort really is the name of the game with this product, and its lubricated strip does well to ensure a comfortable shave, whether you’re shaving with warm water or your favorite shaving gel. That being said, those with sensitive skin will likely want to invest a bit more for a product that caters to their needs.


Pros: Featuring a long-lasting battery and an affordable price tag compared to other top-rated foil shavers, the Remington F5-5800 is an excellent choice for men who want a skin-close shave as quickly as possible. Thanks to this product’s sharp blades, it rarely, if ever, pulls a hair, and its foil guard pops off easily so that you can clean it in seconds. As a bonus, this shaver also sports a handy detail trimmer so that you can tame your mustache or sideburns in a pinch.

Cons: This shaver has two main drawbacks, although they will not be a major deal breaker for everyone. For one, its design is pretty bulky, and some reviewers noted this makes it more difficult to maneuver. Also, it’s fairly loud compared to similar products, so it might wake your significant other up if they happen to be sleeping nearby.

Bottom Line: If you maintain a smooth face by shaving at least every few days, a foil shaver of this quality should fit seamlessly into your existing grooming routine. Given this product’s impressive performance and long-lasting battery, it’s a great value at its current price point.


Pros: If you’re a man that keeps a bald head, you likely know just how annoying (and time-consuming) using conventional razors can be. The Kibiy Head Shaver solves this problem with its unique curved design, which quickly and efficiently provides a wet or dry shave and complements the contour of your head to prevent nicks or irritation. With its USB-C charging port and LED display, this shaver also scores points for its modern amenities. Factor in its nifty nose and ear hair attachment, and you can see why this is a popular option for members of the brotherhood of bald men.

Cons: Shaving your head after more than four or five days of hair growth can be a real chore with most products, and this shaver offers no exception. Also, since shaving your head takes a bit longer than quickly shaving one’s face, this product’s limited battery life can be a liability.

Bottom Line: Switching to this electric shaver will be a revelation for many men in terms of the speed and convenience with which they can achieve a clean, bald look. That being said, this product doesn’t perform miracles, so it’s advisable to shave your head every couple of days to ensure you’re not standing in front of your bathroom mirror for longer than necessary.


Pros: This shaving kit from Harry’s comes with three sets of five-bladed razors that are equipped with a flex hinge and lubricating strip that ensure a smooth, comfortable shave. The unique razors also sport a precision trimmer on the back for your sideburn or mustache, which is a great touch for men who don’t own a dedicated facial hair trimmer. Harry’s also includes a travel-ready blade cover and bottle of shave gel perfect for tossing into your toiletry bag for on-the-go use.

Cons: If you’re seeking a razor that can be used to keep hair off of your neck and head, this is not the product for you, as it’s specifically designed for shaving the face and can cause quite a bit of irritation on more sensitive skin. Also, this kit’s blades scored polarizing reviews, as some users noted they tend to go dull fairly quickly.

Bottom Line: If you’re seeking a quality alternative to more mainstream reusable razors, this kit from Harry’s is a nice way to test the waters. While these razors can be fairly unforgiving on the neck, it’s hard to question their performance when used on the face. As such, this product’s worth considering whether you’re seeking a razor for traveling or at-home use.


Pros: Cordless electric razors have gotten pricey over the years, but the PRITECH Electric Razor showcases some modern features with a price tag that’s a blast from the past. You can use this product for a wet or dry shave thanks to its waterproof design, and its digital power display and power lock feature are great for keeping its charge in check while you’re on the road. This razor also stands out for its included nose hair trimmer, which is just about as powerful and effective as any dedicated nose hair trimmer you can put it up against.

Cons: It’s safe to say that this razor is a bit less efficient than other models out there, especially when you compare it to premium electric razors with premium price points. As such, don’t be surprised if it takes a couple of extra passes to eradicate all signs of your stubble in the morning. Some users also noted that this razor can be a little rough on the skin, making it a less-than-ideal option for men with sensitive skin.

Bottom Line: Realistically, the PRITECH Electric Razor isn’t on-par with a $300 Braun razor, so if you’re expecting a next-level shave, you might be sorely disappointed. However, those who set realistic expectations are likely to love this razor’s dependable design, wet or dry shaving performance, and impressive battery life.

Final Thoughts

A dependable razor is something that every man should keep in his proverbial tool chest. These are nice options to turn to for morning grooming.

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