The Best Push-Up Bras

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Many women enjoy the look and feel of a push-up bra to enhance their shape comfortably and achieve a more lifted look. Push-up bras are generally much more comfortable than many other shapewear options, and they help women celebrate their figures rather than hide or diminish them. We’ve found some comfortable and shapely push-up bra options that work for many body types on our list of favorites.

Buying Guide for Push-Up Bras

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Why buy a push-up bra?

A push-up bra is a great way to enhance your figure without pinching, cinching, or expensive cosmetic surgery. It offers more support and lift for the chest than a wireless bra or sports bra and can make you feel confident yet comfortable all day.

What should you consider in a push-up bra?

  • Straps: Depending on the type of top you’d like to wear, you’ll either want straps or no straps. Some push-up bras are convertible from straps to strapless for more variety of wear.
  • Padding: Some push-up bras are heavily padded for an extra boost, while others are not. If you don’t like a lot of padding because it makes you hot or if you prefer a more natural look, opt for one with lighter padding.
  • Coverage: Most bras come in demi coverage or full coverage. Women with larger breasts often opt for full coverage over demi coverage, but it’s all about preference. If you find your bust spilling out with a demi bra, you may want to exchange it for a full coverage option.
  • Underwire: While some people find the shaping effect of a wired bra more appealing than a wireless option, underwires can pop out after extended use or be uncomfortable for some. Again, it’s all about preference.

How do you measure yourself properly before buying a push-up bra?

Experts in specialty lingerie stores or department stores are trained to measure you properly for a bra. If the thought of someone else measuring your bust makes you uncomfortable or if you don’t want to make the trip to a store, you can do it at home. Wrap a standard body measuring tape around where you would like the band of your bra to sit. If your measurement in inches falls on an odd number, round up to the next even number for your band size. For your cup size, measure around your bust while wearing a bra. Then, subtract your band size from your bust size. This will give you your cup size: a difference of 1 is an A cup, 2 is a B, 3 is a C, 4 is a D, 5 is a DD, and so on.

Our Picks for the Best Push-Up Bras

Pros: There’s a lot to love about these cute and sexy bras. First, the padding is plentiful and comfortable. Also, there are tons of color choices to choose from, so you can match your favorite top or your favorite panties. And despite the major push-up, this bra makes your chest look natural yet shapely.

Cons: There may be gapping in the cups.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a cute push-up bra with lots of variety in the design, this may be a great choice for you. It’s currently available in A to C cups and a wide range of band sizes. The naturally enhanced shape gives many women a boost of confidence.


Pros: There are several advantages to this sticky bra. Unlike many other sticky bras, this brand runs true to size. Its adhesive stays on through sweat, movement, and many hours of wear. And the color is light enough to blend in under just about any outfit.

Cons: The cups run a little small, and it doesn’t give you the big “oomph” factor of a standard push-up bra.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a sticky bra that gives your girls a bit of a lift, this may be a great choice for you. It doesn’t give you the odd outline of a bunny-style sticky bra. Plus, it’s easy to clean and dries quickly.


Pros: This is an awesome full coverage bra. It smoothes back rolls caused by standard bras, and it comes in a variety of beautiful colors. Plus, you won’t have to worry about wires poking out or causing discomfort.

Cons: The padding is not removable.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a push-up bra that adds a sexy smoothing effect to your look, this may be the right one for you. There’s no poky wire in it to bug you either.


Pros: This is an excellent demi bra from a trusted brand name. For one thing, the shape flatters most women. It’s designed to give you a seamless look under a t-shirt. And there are tons of cute colors available.

Cons: This bra is not machine washable.

Bottom Line: If you want a bra that’s going to last and look good, this is an excellent option for you. It gives a great lift for a demi bra and fits as expected.


Pros: If you’re looking for sexy patterns, this bra is available in several of them. It’s small-chest friendly, unlike many other bras. And the cups fit well without gapping.

Cons: It is not standard American sizing, so pay close attention to the size chart.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a push-up bra with a big-time enhancement factor, look no further. The front ties, back hooks, and straps are all adjustable to size, and the inside padding has a fun design.

Final Thoughts

Push-up bras are great for giving women a nice shape. If you need a new push-up bra, these selections should be a great place to start your search.

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